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Welcome to Trucking Jobs Direct

This site is packed full of unbiased articles about trucking company’s careers and in depth information on truck driving schools. If you would like to learn more about a particular trucking company before the interview; this site will deliver information that will not only empower you but let you stand out from other candidates applying for the job.

Being a truck driver is a great way of life. It allows one to make a great living. A trucking job gives freedom. You are not constrained to a factory type job or stuck behind a desk. You enjoy scenery and get to experience life on the road. There is always something new to see even if you drive the same route a thousand times. We are starting a new trucking blog where we would like you to share your experiences. Give fellow trucking drivers tips on where to find the best paying jobs. Or even warn others about a particular trucking company’s behavior. Check out our blog and be heard.

We know that they are many jobs in trucking.  We want to help give you the edge in understanding the second largest industry and United States. Information is always changing. That is why our staff will work hard to keep you informed of trucking opportunities and trucking news as it happens.

Please put us in your favorites we will keep you in the know.

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