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Barr-Nunn announces an extension on its Tractor Purchase Promotion

November 21, 2007 - Granger, IA - Barr-Nunn Transportation is a company that is constantly on the move. Twenty five years in the business provides great experience and a wealth of knowledge that is second to none. Barr-Nunn understands their Company Drivers and Owner Operators and provides them with all of the tools they need to make their lives and work more convenient. The company has so many programs and new pay packages going on right now, there are plenty of reasons to drive for Barr-Nunn.

Barr-Nunn has a Tractor Purchase Promotion that originally started on August 1st, 2007. The base program provides company drivers with a down payment for the truck of their choice and the option of buying the truck at the dealer of their choice. The program provides drivers with a $1500 down payment after one month, $2500 after 60,000 paid miles and a $3500 down payment for the truck after 120,000 paid miles. The promotion promises an additional $500 after the driver's truck has been leased on with Barr-Nunn for 6 months.

In addition, Barr-Nunn will introduce their truck drivers to area dealers involved with a co-promotion. Depending on the dealer, drivers can purchase a used truck and receive $1000 credit for parts and maintenance performed or $500 cash back. For all standard financing deals for Barr-Nunn Company Drivers and Owner Operators the dealer will provide either full tanks of fuel or a leather jacket to drivers.

This entire promotion was scheduled to end on November 30th; however Barr-Nunn will now be extending this until December 31st, 2007.

To find out more information about the Tractor Purchase Promotion as well as other great programs and driver benefits, contact Barr-Nunn at 888-999-7576.

When you're ready, we'll be here. We have been for 25 years.

Maverick Specialized Announces Glass Fleet Pay Raise

Maverick has a strong history of providing industry leadership, Maverick Specialized, a division of Maverick Transportation, LLC, announced a significant pay raise for current and new truck drivers in their over the road glass fleet, effective January 6th, 2008. "This is the 3rd driver pay raise since acquiring the Specialized division from Schneider National last year," said Stephen Selig, President and COO. "It demonstrates our ongoing commitment to offer the best compensation plan for drivers in the industrial glass business."

Under the new plan, Maverick Specialized will distribute a $.04/mile pay raise across the board to drivers in their OTR glass division. This will bring starting pay to $.45 per mile for experienced drivers and $.41 per mile for drivers in the company's student program. "Whether a student driver needs help obtaining his or her CDL or has limited experience with their CDL, at $.41 per mile, quite simply, there is no other student training program that compares with the pay we are offering Maverick Specialized students," said Recruiting Manager Brad Vaughn.

Along with the pay increase, Maverick Specialized will continue to offer an industry leading benefits pay package including a quarterly fuel bonus, detention pay, referral bonuses, complete medical benefits, and more.

Based in Little Rock, Arkansas and operating over 1,500 units, Maverick Transportation, LLC, a division of Maverick USA, has over 25 years of experience providing flatbed and open-air equipment services to the steel, glass, machinery and building material industries coast-to-coast, in Canada and Mexico. To learn more about driving opportunities available with Maverick Transportation call the recruiting department at 800-289-1100.

Barr-Nunn Offers an Appreciation Bonus

Granger, IA - September 24th, 2007 - Barr-Nunn celebrates its 25th Anniversary and has become a leader in the transportation industry. Barr-Nunn offers award-winning programs and is happy to announce more money for our Drivers & Owner Operators on the Appreciation Bonus program.

Because of another successful year, Barr-Nunn Trucking is showing its appreciation by giving a little extra. For all drivers and owner operators hired prior to November 2nd, 2007 they will receive an extra cash payout on their next appreciation bonus. The appreciation bonus program in place today gives Company Drivers $600 for every 60,000 miles driven and Owner Operators $750 for their first two bonuses and $1100 for their 3rd bonus forward. Senior Barr-Nunn Truck Drivers with 9 years of service receive $900 each 60,000-paid mile mark. The expansion of this program will give Company Drivers and Owner Operators a one-time increase of $200 when they hit the 60,000 paid mile mark, making the bonuses worth anywhere from $800 to $1300. The program will run through 2008 giving Drivers and Owner Operators ample time to reach this goal.

Stated Rene Beacom, President of Barr-Nunn: "We feel our drivers and owner operators are the best in the industry and they deserve real recognition. Our Bar-Nunn Appreciation Bonus program works very well for that. Our Drivers and Owner Operators have done an excellent job again this year and we think it is appropriate to add even more to the bonus program. We think this is a great way to just say 'thanks'."

To find out more information about Barr-Nunn's award winning programs and how it anticipates and responds to the needs of its people; offers outstanding pay packages; and gives drivers all the advantages they deserve, call (888) 999-7576. When you're ready, Barr-Nunn will be here. We have been for 25 years.

The American Trucking Association (ATA) estimates that the trucking industry will need to replace 539,000 truckers over the next seven years. That means that approximately 54,000 new truckers will need to be hired each year to keep up with demand.

"The driver market is the tightest it has been in 20 years," said ATA President and CEO Bill Graves. "It's a major limitation to the amount of freight that motor carriers can haul. It's critical that we find ways to tap a new labor pool, increase wages and recruit new people into the industry that keeps our national economy moving."

Factors contributing to the shortage include an aging workforce about to retire and high turnover. In spite of this, Tiffany Wlazlowski, Director of Public Affairs for the ATA believes things are beginning to turnaround.

"Business is good, freight tonnage growth is robust and the economy is growing," said Wlazlowski. "Professional drivers pay rates are increasing, benefits are attractive and getting better and training opportunities for apprentices abound."

Another contributor to the turnaround is prospective drivers utilizing the Internet sites, like Driver Careers, to get information about and apply to truck driver training schools.

"We're processing dozens of applications for new truckers every hour," David Freeman, Marketing Director of Driver Careers said. "But there is still a high demand from the trucking schools. There are plenty of opportunities available"

Driver Careers has been increasing the truck driver pool by pairing prospective drivers with reputable driving schools and trucking companies.

"Our system analyzes the client's information then instantly matches them with a specific school, like Roadmaster and Allstate Career Schools; or trucking companies like SMX and Marten Transport," said Felicia Romney, Driver Careers Account Manager.

Driver Careers clients are also given a contact name and number at the school to answer questions and assist them with their enrollment.

"We don't just give clients a list of companies in their area. The school or company will contact the driver directly," said Romney. "We make sure there's human component involved."

For further information, please contact Gregory Graf, VP of Business Development at, 801-327-9090.

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