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Trucking, trucking jobs, and trucking companies look no farther. Here is the top jobs available in the trucking industry. Find information on Trucking jobs. Trucking news. Informative reviews about trucking schools. America number one source for trucking information.

Local Trucking Jobs Delivered

Just how do you get to that prize local trucking job? Do you drive around putting in resumes everywhere? Do you ask the local know it all who to ask? Do you just answered ads probably already filled listed in the newspaper?

The best ways are to be ahead of the fold. Call trucking companies tell them if they need a reliable, self-starter to be part of the team that your available. Network with any of your friends or acquaintances that may be in the trucking industry; this will really put you in the game. You should target companies for local trucking jobs that you know about. Read the articles in this site. The hiring managers will think you spent a lot of time preparing for the interview. So go for the truck job of your dreams.

The best way to insure you get that prize trucking job is to be prepared. Network and just do not wait for a job to come to you.

Check our advertisers on the site. They are a great resource. You may find that with a little work that local trucking job will be delivered to you.

Local Trucking Jobs that bring in the bucks

Why be just average? If you are looking to get ahead in Rhode Island, New Mexico, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida or Kentucky these are just a few states that you can score not just a trucking job but a high pay trucking job. Make sure you know what the industry is paying for your experience and type of trucking job. This will let you know what to ask for and expect.

So if you got the no money blues in California, Idaho, North Carolina, Kansas, New York etc. snap out of it. Get a high paying trucking job. Then hit the open road. Spend lots of money and live big the truck driver way. Or at least spend a little extra for the best coffee at the truck stops. Go ahead ask questions. Learn what your buddies are making at their trucking companies. Then go get your own trucking gold mine.


Would it not be great to wake up in the morning to the smell of diesel and heading out on the road if just around town? Many trucking companies offer some version of a local trucking job. This allows one to still be a trucker but still enjoy being home at night. This lifestyle work great for those that do not wish to away from there families for an extended period of time.

In Atlanta, it's easy to say I have landed a local trucking job. There are many companies that need to be short distance deliveries to businesses and sometime residences of freight that would be impractical for a long haul driver to deliver. These trucks can be loaded appropriately to save time and money for the company and their customer. However this market needs allow the existence of local trucking jobs.

There are also a lot of jobs in route deliveries as well. A local UPS step-van driver makes good money and has a lifestyle that keeps him in sync with the local community. I have friend that love driving locally for bread companies, beverage companies, and food wholesale companies. They all tell me they still get to drive a truck maybe not a large tractor trailer but they insist they are still a truck driver. Most of the jobs do require a CDL license. They are of course many other companies that hire route drivers and local truck drivers to deliver loads or products in a local market.

You can literally find a local trucking job in Colorado, a trucking job in Georgia, a trucking job in Florida, a trucking job in NC, a trucking job in Minnesota, a trucking job in Ohio, a trucking job in Tennessee, a trucking job in Nebraska, a trucking in California, a trucking job in Texas, a trucking job in New York, a trucking job in Michigan etc. Literally all over North America there is a trucking job waiting to be filled with the right candidate. It may not be the same as being a long haul trucker. However it will have its advantages. People will make good living wages from these types of trucking careers.

Therefore if your in a state like Arkansas and you want to be in trucking. Think about other like careers if you find it necessary to be home everyday.

I have a friend that may have the best of both worlds. He gets to drive to North Carolina from Georgia four times a week delivering produce. He leaves in the morning and is back in the evening. He says this is the life for him. He drives the big rig. Plus the scenery is gorgeous and he is home at night. This he claims is a local trucking job dream come true. Many companies employ truck drivers to do this type of hauling. Air Liquide in South Carolina hires a lot of drivers that will drive to and back each day. Yes these regional trucking jobs are out there.

Have you also consider dispatch or working in the distribution center of these trucking companys. There are lots of supportive local trucking jobs that are necessary to keep America's freight on the move. The warehouse is a necessary component and perhaps the lifeblood of the trucking industry. The office staff has a local trucking job that gets them close to the road. Many of these dedicated individual not only do the paperwork to keep the trucks moving they also provide support to the truck drivers out on the road. There are of course sales positions, management positions, accounting positions, and mechanic positions to name a few that would qualify indirectly as a job in the local trucking driving industry.

So if you love trucking. But you still want to around home more often; consider these other valuable ways to be involved.

So if your up in Alaska wondering what to do; say I believe I will get me a local trucking job.

Trucking Companys offers a lot of local opportunities.

Where else can you have a local job and make a good living while still having the freedom associated with the trucking industry. Trucking companys offer good jobs while still not being supervised constantly. In the truck you're the boss. Ruler of the road, Trucking companys offers good benefits and trucking companys offer stability. The main thing a trucking job offer are incentive for performance.

Trucking companys hire evem drivers with little or no experience. Go for a local trucking job. Make money while having fun. Enjoy the life as the guy who got hired by a local trucking company. Good searching and may you find a trucking job that best suits you.

Team trucking is also a great way to make money with a best friend or spouse. Lots of trucking companys now hire team drivers, These trucking companys gives you a satisfying life of suitable companionship while still having a great trucking companys job.  We a Trucking Jobs Direct hope you find a great relationship and employment with one of the best trucking companys.

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