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Trucking, trucking jobs, and trucking companies look no farther. Here is the top jobs available in the trucking industry. Find information on Trucking jobs. Trucking news. Informative reviews about trucking schools. America number one source for trucking information.

Averitt Trucking

The Averitt trucking company has already achieved a status as one of the greatest less-than truckload or LTL services in the trucking industry today. The Averitt trucking company helps its customers. Read More About Averitt Trucking

Wilson Trucking

The Wilson Trucking Company is a less-than truckload or LTL trucking carrier that was originally founded in 1926, in order to meet the need for cargo transportation that was more consistent and increasingly reliable. The legacy for unparalleled trucking service created by the Wilson name continues even today, more than eighty years later. Read More About Wilson Trucking

CCX Trucking 

Con-way trucking is one of the leading freight transportation and logistics companies in the entire nation. Con-way Trucking treats the satisfaction of their customers as their number one priority, and works hard to out-perform competing freight transportation companies. Read More About CCX Con-way Trucking.

Falcon Trucking Company

The Falcon Transportation and trucking company traces its history back to 1903, when the original founder of the company bought a horse, tackle and wagon and took to hauling coke around for the steel mills in Pennsylvania. Read More about Falcon Trucking Company.

Hogan Trucking Company

Hogan Trucking is a nationwide long haul transport carrier that covers the 48 contiguous United States and Canada.  It has won industry awards for innovation several years running, and provides a good work place for both company drivers and independent owner-operators. Read More About Hogan Trucking.

Jim Palmer Trucking

If you're looking for a career where the pay is steady and the vistas always change, the opportunity to see the entire United States, consider a career in long haul trucking with the Jim Palmer trucking company. Read More About Jim Palmer Trucking.

Milan Trucking Company

Milan Express is a regional carrier specializing in long term and point-to-point freight hauling through the Midwest and southeastern regions of the United States.  Headquartered in Tennessee, Milan Express covers routes running from Florida to Milwaukee, with only a few routes crossing the Mississippi river.

Milan Express is hiring qualified drivers with at least two years of On The Road long haul trucking experience in the last five years, and a valid Class A Commercial Driver's License.  Milan Express's hiring requirements are that all applicants need to be 23 years of age or older, with no driving incidents on their records in the last three years, and be able to pass a reference check, background check and drug screening.

Milan Express offers 401(k) retirement packages, paid vacation time to employees who have been with the company for three months, paid training, and paid sick leave.  For driver positions, the pay rate ranges from 30 cents a mile to 36 cents a mile, with bonuses for extra stops and early deliveries.  Milan Express also offers a penny per mile pay rate bonus for drivers who have been with the company for a year or more and who have completed that year with a perfect safety record, as verified by a lack of incidents on the road and inspections of the trucks.

All Milan Express tractor-trailer rigs are company owned, and are 2002 models or more recent.  Most include refrigeration hookups for the cars, and all have wireless antenna boosters for cellular and satellite calls.  Milan Express encourages all of their drivers to use the route boards and GPS systems provided to get up to the minute traffic and routing information, and drivers are expected to check back in with their dispatchers on a regular basis, to see if new wrinkles in the route have come up.

Milan Express also offers its customers an expedited delivery service, which requires teams of drivers to keep the truck going to meet tight, guaranteed deadlines.  If you and a partner are suitable to sharing a cab and are detail focused and reliable, this lucrative position is hiring on a regular basis, but preference is given to drivers who have been with the company for a year or more.

Milan Express's customers expect top-notch service from the company as their logistics service, and Milan focuses its hiring efforts on people who are courteous and customer oriented.  If you're the sort of person who thrives on deadlines, seeing the American heartland and meeting new people, Milan Express may be the best job opportunity you've seen in years.  Consider applying online for a driver position at Milan Express today.

Milan Express is an equal employment opportunity compliant employer; all candidates will be evaluated on their qualifications and experience.  Selected candidates will be given a one-week orientation class, which will be paid, and are eligible for benefits after being with the company for 90 days.

Monson Trucking

The Monson trucking company, based in Duluth, Minnesota, is a freight company servicing the upper Midwest of the United States, and some cities in Central Canada. Founded in 1915, the Monson trucking company started out as Monson Haulage, working for the lumberyards and 3M in Minnesota with horse drawn wagons and sleighs. They rapidly moved to mechanized transport with trucks in 1917, and have been one of the leaders in innovative transportation concepts ever since, being one of the first companies to standardize on "big rigs" in the 1950s and '60s.

The Monson trucking company is currently hiring drivers; but they require that drivers be at least 23 years of age, have had no accidents in the last three years and have a class A Commercial Driver's License in order to qualify for work with this particular trucking company. The drivers must have had at least one year of verified on the road experience in the last three before Monson will consider them. All drivers must complete a skills test, a background screening, a reference check and the mandatory Interstate Commerce Commission drug test as a condition for employment.

The Monson trucking company offers extensive benefits packages to those candidates who fit the bill, including company paid health insurance for drivers and their families, and because of the route and coverage area, most drivers can expect to be home at least three weekends out of four. Monson provides all equipment, and drivers are assigned a tractor of their own; there are no slip seating assignments or team ups. Most drivers who work for the Monson trucking company can expect to get 400 to 500 miles per day, and an average of 2300 or more miles per week. The starting pay rate is 32.25 cents per mile for the Red Wing and Duluth hubs, and a penny more for the Mauston hub. After 90 days, the pay rate goes up by four cents per mile, and the company offers longevity bonuses of a penny per mile (capping out at an additional 5 cents per mile.)

The company also offers holiday pay and vacation time, and covers the first $550 of dental and vision plans for employees. The company will contribute 0.6 cents per mile for participating drivers in the 401(k) program, and offers extensive life insurance benefits for drivers and their dependents, as well as a company organized HCRA pre-tax health care benefit savings account for the driver and dependents.

All of these benefits, and the competitive pay rates, mean that Monson has the highest rate of retained drivers in the region – over 60% of Monson drivers have been with the company for five years or longer.

The Monson trucking company's tractor rigs are all late model tractor rigs, and all of their trailers are dry van panel rigs, and the reason that they do this is to simplify logistics. Monson's equipment is state of the art, and the entire fleet is GPS and satellite communications equipped.

Navajo Trucking

The commercial transport sector of the economy is a growing one, and one that is in constant demand for drivers and independent operators.  If you're considering a career in trucking, look to Navajo Express Transport services.  Founded in 1930, it has nearly 80 years of year-to-year profitability, and is dedicated to helping its independent contractors turn a reasonable living.

Navajo's operations are characterized by innovation and communication, and Navajo provides a lot of technical support and assistance to its truckers to help them in their trucking careers.  Over 60% of the proceeds of each freight load are paid to the Navajo trucker, provided all paperwork is filled out on time.  The company pays out weekly, deducing an amortized set of fixed and variable costs from the check, and payment can be paid by direct deposit if desired.

In addition to regular pay, and high percentage of the load paid to the contractors, Navajo tries to give all of its an economy of scale, Navajo also issues every trucker a Com Card, which is good for significant fuel discounts at Loves, Flying J and other truck stops across the country.  This is key to minimizing the expenses in running a truck. 

Navajo's corporate culture is friendly, and the business is family owned.  Navajo Freight Express provides plenty of training – all candidates have to go through an extensive background test, pass a drug screening, be 23 years of age or older and have a good motor vehicular record.  When hired, all candidates are put through an extensive two-day course, and given additional training to get their class C permits.  Navajo is dedicated to providing a safe working environment for all applicants.

In addition to their top flight compensation program, Navajo makes lots of miles available for their contractors, provides medical and dental, plus a rider insurance policy.  On the technological side, all trucks have satellite communications, and most are GPS enabled, with up to the minute routing maps.  All the trucks are late model refrigerated trailer rigs, and every truck gets routine maintenance and upgrades to maximize reliability.  Navajo knows that if the truck isn't running, the trucker isn't making any money.

Navajo's dispatch center is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, to meet the needs of its trucking operators, and routes available will vary by what each dispatch center uses in its coverage area.  If you're considering a career in trucking, and joining this fast growing, and lucrative, segment of the American economy, Navajo trucking is an excellent opportunity to jump-start your career as a long haul trucker.

If you have a good driving record, are reliable, and self motivated, Navajo may be the kind of friendly, family owned opportunity you need to make a good, lucrative income without a college degree.  You can contact Navajo today and fill out an application online.  The road to opportunity awaits, contact Navajo Express today and see where your future is heading today!

Panther Trucking

The Panther trucking company provides unique web-based and proprietary technological powers that allow this innovative trucking company to expedite freight in ways that no other transportation company in the entire nation can. The Panther trucking company has a quote engine that analyzes more than 200,000 different options for mode, service and cost, allowing the company in order to best optimize the availability of routing and rates. This allows customers access to neutral logistics solutions for mode and carrier so that the individual needs of customers can be met at all times.

The Panther trucking company strives to offer integrated resources suites, enabling expedited shipping, routing, reporting, tracking, payments and claim processing seven days a week, twenty four hours a day. The Panther trucking company also offers real time online booking and information tracking, alongside a proactive alert and notification system that provides constant shipment statuses that allow customers to have full control over each and every shipment through every step that it goes through in the supply chain. Where else can you say that you can receive this level of service, besides the Panther trucking company?

And for the customers who simply prefer to speak to someone directly rather than over the Internet, customers can rest assured that the Panther trucking company offers an excellent set of customer service representatives that are available every day, twenty four hours a day and seven days a week so that you can be assisted. Regardless of whether you need a quote for a specific service, or you need to book a shipment, or if you are looking for updated tracking information for a shipping order that was already placed, the dedicated customer service team with the Panther trucking company is ready and constantly available to provide you service beyond your wildest expectations.

The Panther trucking company is absolutely dedicated to delivering every single shipment on time, every single time, no matter where it is going, or when it needs to arrive. The Panther trucking company proudly provides a myriad of solutions and services that are designed specifically to meet heavy freight trucking needs for any client. The services that are offered by the Panther trucking company include ground expedited trucking, elite trucking services, air options for last minute and rush freight shipping, and one-call solutions as well.

The industry leading services for customers, coupled with the state of the art equipment and the premiere area of service offered by the Panther trucking company make the Panther trucking company a one-stop, completely reliable and trustworthy solution for customer-critical and time-critical transportation, no matter when or where it's needed. The Panther trucking company also offers outstanding job opportunities to experienced truck drivers who are looking to further their career path in the trucking industry through hard work and exceptional customer service. If you think you have what it takes to be a hard working, devoted and dedicated driver, the Panther trucking company may be just the trucking and carrier company for you.

Penske Trucking Company

Penske Logistics is the premiere long haul trucking company in the United States, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Penske Truck Lines, and is the principal outsourced vendor for global companies, like Ford, Pepsi and General Electric.  Penske Logistics specializes in short and medium length route running around regional hubs, and is constantly on the look out for new drivers.

While Penske has extensive OTR assets, most Penske drivers work in local and regional routes.  Requirements for a job at Penske Logistics include being 23 years of age or older, having a valid Class A commercial driver's license, and at least two years with no driving incidents.  The amount of experience candidates will need depends on the hub doing the hiring, but one to two years of verifiable on the road experience in the last three years is typical.  Penske does ask all drivers to go through pre-hiring drug screening, and periodic screening for drugs over the term of employment.

Penske does put all drivers through an orientation program that will walk them through the ins and outs of driving a tractor-trailer rig, as well as company expectations and requirements.  All Penske vehicles are company owned and maintained to a high standard of reliability.  More than half of all Penske trucks are reefers, and most Penske loads are "recipient sign off" or "no touch cargo".  Penske operators are expected to be able to use a pallet jack with some skill, and Penske Logistics deals exclusively with palletized cargo, rather than break bulk cargo.

Penske's dispatch office is available at driver need, and Penske trucks have satellite communications and extensive automated assistance like GPS enabled mapping units.   For long haul truckers, Penske provides the usual benefits of discount cards good at participating truck stops, and Penske tries to be flexible with load routing, within the demands of good business sense and the needs of their customers.

Penske's operations (and jobs) are based in regional centers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and several countries in Latin America.  Penske is a wonderful opportunity to see the world, as a Penske Logistics truck driver.

Penske's benefits package includes optional health and dental and life insurance policies, a 401(k) retirement package, and several miscellaneous benefits designed to make a truck driver's life more bearable.  Penske pays competitive rates per mile or as salary, depending on the kind of work being done for Penske Logistics.

Shaffer Trucking

The Shaffer Trucking Company shares its name and its fleet with the Crete Carrier Corporation, which was originally founded in 1966 and has kept on trucking ever since. The Crete Carrier trucking company is an irregular-route motor common, as well as a contract carrier that operates in every point found in the 48 contiguous United States of America, as well as Mexico and Canada. The Crete Carrier trucking company includes the Crete Carrier van division, the Shaffer Trucking refrigerated trucking division, and the Hunt Transportation flatbed trucking division, and these subsidiaries or divisions come together to operate as truckload carriers for nearly any commodity that could ever need to be transported from one end of the continent to the other and back again.

The focus of the Crete Carrier trucking company and all of its divisions have always been to serve as a low-cost, high-quality provider both of quality transportation services, and of high-quality logistics services as well. The main goal for the Crete Carrier trucking company and all of its divisions including the Shaffer trucking company has been to maximize asset utilization, to deliver more than customers expect, and always to listen to what they have to say.

The Crete Carrier trucking company is headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, which is where the corporate building and the central trucking dispatch are located. From this place in the nation, the best and brightest minds behind the Crete Carrier trucking company supervise a fleet which is extensive and made up only of the most modern, late-model equipment. All of this equipment is operated by trucking drivers who are well experienced and trained to serve both shippers and receivers located all over the United States, Canada and Mexico as well.

The professional drivers working for the Crete Carrier trucking company are among the best of all of the drivers on the highway, because the Crete Carrier trucking company strives to hire only the greatest minds, providing the best services and support that truck drivers possibly could. Because the professional drivers behind the Crete Carrier trucking company meet and exceed all of the United State Department of Transportation's standards, the Crete Carrier trucking company's Shaffer trucking division has one of the lowest ratios for driver turnover in the entire trucking industry.

Both dispatch trucking personnel and customer service representatives are available on call on a twenty-four hour a day, seven day a week level, monitoring and coordinating shipping loads. There is a tight, close level of communication between the Crete Carrier trucking company's Shaffer trucking division's operation department and the drivers and customers, which is actually one of the key factors used to achieve a consistent performance for on time delivery. The Crete Carrier trucking company also prides itself on the fact that the company offers responsive services producing the most profitable operations in every New Year of the company's existence.

Stevens Trucking

Stevens Transport is a top tier transportation vendor serving the entire continental United States, plus routes into Canada and Mexico.  Stevens is the industry leader in irregular refrigerated trucking.  Stevens equipment is a fleet of Kenworth tractors and 53' Thermo King utility trailers, giving the entire fleet the capability of doing refrigerated loads.  The entire fleet is equipped with the state of the art Qualcomm Satellite Tracking and Communications system, providing unprecedented up to date information on the location and timeliness of all parcels and pallets in transit.

Stevens operates 14 regional service centers throughout the United States, and is Intermodal Transport Compliant to allow cargo to transfer to and from truck to rail line as needed, making it easier to handle international payloads. 

Stevens is growing rapidly and needs reliable, skilled professionals to handle the driving requirements. Stevens requests that all driver applicants have a Class A Commercial Driver's License, and be at least 23 years of age.  Background checks will be run, and all candidates must pass a drug screen mandated by the Interstate Commerce Commission.  In addition to this, Stevens requires that all candidates be free of any incidents on their driving report in the last three years, and have at least one and preferably two years of verifiable On The Road transportation experience.

Stevens does offer a reimbursed driver training program, at their Dallas, Texas facility.  If you pass the program and remain with the company for a year, the company will reimburse the cost of the program.  The facility at Dallas has classrooms, and a driving track to work on.  While at the facility, housing and meals are provided.

Stevens pays drivers within 24 hours of receipt of the load delivery confirmation paperwork, either by check, wire transfer or direct deposit.  Stevens pays for labor rate doing loading and unloading if the driver chooses to do so, and offers $25 to $75 in layover pay depending on location.  Steven's per mile rate ranges from 33 cents per mile upwards of 40 cents per mile, depending on the route and experience.

In addition to the great pay, Stevens provides state of the art tractors, as mentioned above, and extensive health benefits are made available at steeply discounted rates.  Stevens does not slip seat the trucks, the trucks all have air conditioning and the usual amenities, and can be customized to drivers tastes – each driver gets assigned a tractor and retains that through their employment.

If you're interested in making extensive money, running 400 to 600 miles per day at competitive rates, seriously look into Stevens Transportation as your new home as a commercial truck driver.  Even with no experience, Stevens offers an extensive driving academy and training program, allowing you to take on the career that pays well for roaming the open roads.

Trans am Trucking

The Trans am trucking company was originally founded in October of 1987, which is the year that it hauled its first load of freight from Kansas City, Missouri to the East Coast of the United States. The company began with refrigerated truckload carrying, and its original public offering was seventy tractors and 100 refrigerated trailers. By 1990, the Trans am trucking company had already outgrown its office and shop facility which was located in Kansas City, Missouri, and had to move across the state line into Olathe, a city in Kansas.

By 1998, the Trans am trucking company was already on the move again, but this time the move was only two blocks away to a newly constructed shop and office facility that had been built on 40-acres of land. By 2001, the Trans am trucking company had added a dedicated fleet based out of North Carolina. The Trans am trucking company's dedicated fleet now handles more than 100 power units. By 2005, the Trans am trucking company had expanded into the Dallas Texas area, by opening a brand new terminal and adding 250 more power units to the trucking company's dedicated fleet.

The Trans am trucking company puts a serious amount of emphasis both on quality and on steadily growing, allowing the Trans am trucking company to become one of the nation's top carriers. The Trans am trucking company is highly respected within the trucking industry, offering a fleet of more than 1200 tractors, and more than 2400 refrigerated trailers. All of this exceptional growth can be attributed to the founding philosophy for the Trans am trucking company, which has guided this hardworking trucking company since the day it began hauling goods all over the country.

This philosophy that the Trans am trucking company holds so dear is based completely on dedicating all of the company's resources, including people, technology and equipment directly to the customers in a way that allows business to be done easily. Today's world is complicated, which is why the Trans am trucking company is working so hard to look for new and better ways for them to meet the needs of their customers, while still following three extremely important rules that mean absolutely everything to the company: Do what is right, treat people in the way that the Trans am trucking company wants to be treated, and do the best job that everyone possibly can.

The Trans am trucking company claims to offer the highest paying trucking jobs in the entire industry, promoting the idea that by joining the Trans am trucking company team you will be earning the highest gross annual salary in the entire trucking industry. The Trans am trucking company absolutely guarantees that you can be home any time that you want or need to be, making it home on the exact day and at the exact time that you want to be home.

Choosing the Trans am trucking company for your trucking career will allow you to work with a company that is absolutely committed to you, and to your individual trucking career success. The Trans am trucking company does what is right for each and every customer and employee.

ABF Trucking -

The ABF trucking company, ABF Freight System Incorporated is headquartered in Fort Smith of Arkansas, and is considered to be one of the largest less-than-load carriers for general commodities in all of North America. The ABF trucking company is now capable of serving points and points all around the world, following a rich unfolding history that has allowed the trucking company to grow from serving as a simple local carrier as far back as 1923, to becoming the high-status motor carrier that it is today. The ABF trucking company is a local trucking company with an international portfolio of services, and serves as the largest subsidiary of the Arkansas Best Corporation.

The Arkansas Best Corporation holds a number of different subsidiaries, including banking, furniture manufacturing, computer services, truckload carriers, specialized carriers, warehousing and truck tire recapping companies.

The ABF Freight System trucking company has grown and evolved a lot through the years, having come into existence during the early 1920s, and changing drastically over these past 80-some odd years. Today, the ABF trucking company is one of the largest LTL motor carriers in North America, providing direct freight trucking services to more than 30,000 different points through more than 300 service centers located throughout all fifty of the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico as well.

The ABF trucking company has allied with a Mexican Less-than-truckload carrier, allowing the company to position itself in a way that it can pick up and deliver freight in a number of different North American countries with significant ease. The ABF trucking company also has an international services division, allowing the company to provide single carrier services to more than 130 countries all over the globe.

ABF freight system trucking company has been significantly transformed into one of the largest and most experienced motor carriers in all of North America. From its original as a small and local-based carrier, a lot of change has occurred to turn this trucking company in to what it is now. Now the ABF trucking company offers local service centers that cater to all fifty states, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Guam.

Globally, the ABF trucking company is also able to serve more than 250 ports located across 130 different countries all over the globe. ABF has been regarded as a best-in-class trucking company when it comes to safety, technology, security and freight handling as well. A number of different magazines have cited the ABF trucking company's exemplary strategic use of information technology as a large contributing factor for the company's grand success over the years.

Corporate drivers and owner operator drivers who are looking for the highest paid trucking jobs in the trucking industry, or who are simply looking for the best local trucking jobs in their area will benefit from looking in to all that the ABF Freight System trucking company and everything that this freight trucking company has to offer to their valued employees. ABF Freight System Incorporated focuses on providing stellar customer service, and treats their truck driving teams exceptionally as well.

ATS Trucking

The ATS trucking company is one of the largest of all transportation companies in the entire United States. The ATS trucking company was originally founded in 1955, and still continues to focus on the same core values that turned a small business into an extremely profitable venture. At the ATS trucking company, the employees work hard to focus on the customers, and drivers are rewarded for providing unparalleled customer service using the most state of the art technology around, in addition to late model trucks and trailers. Working with the ATS trucking company assures that you will receive experience and dependability in the form of safe and on time delivery, customer service in the form of experts on call all the time, the best rigs on the road in the form of new, high quality equipment and trucks, and one-stop solutions in the form of comprehensive services both on a national and international level.

After more than fifty years in business, the ATS trucking company still consciously works to maintain the human touches that are valued so greatly by the long-term customers who continue to return to the ATS trucking company for more. The ATS trucking company works with customers who require a variety of different transportation services, including specialized and flatbed trucking, wind energy, vans, pad wrap vans and heavy haul. Additionally, the ATS trucking company also offers connections with completely owned subsidiaries as well as strategic alliances in order to offer an additional complimentary range of solutions, including furniture, international, logistics and others. The ATS trucking company strives to produce a solution for any shipping challenge that its customers could ever encounter.

The ATS trucking company has been doing things right for more than fifty years. A man named Harold Anderson originally founded the ATS trucking company in 1955 by incorporating his family owned business as the Anderson Trucking Service, Inc, or ATS. The same core values that Harold Anderson found to be important in 1955 are still in the ATS trucking company's core. Setting everything else aside when a customer is on the phone or in the office is second nature. Every employee at the ATS trucking company has the Anderson work ethic.

The ATS trucking company is still a family owned business, resisting the impersonal nature of corporate bureaucracy in favor of a family-friendly, pleasant employment atmosphere which is much more civilized in nature. The Anderson Trucking Service company is always hard at work to find the absolute best people looking to begin trucking careers by working hard, pleasing clients, challenging themselves and above all else, enjoying themselves in the work place. If you are interested in a trucking career, and want to get your start in the trucking industry through the Anderson Trucking Service, you will be pleased to know that this trucking company offers competitive rates, outstanding benefits, and a host of other exceptional reasons for why the ATS trucking company is the best trucking service to work for in the entire nation.

Celadon Trucking

The Celadon trucking company was originally founded in 1985, and has been serving as one of the top truckload carriers in all of North America. The Celadon trucking company services a variety of diverse companies, including industry groups, and groups that are industry leaders themselves. The Celadon trucking company is one of a very small number of companies that is able to work with time-sensitive cargo shipments through the process of door-to-door trailer transport in and between a number of different NAFTA countries. The Celadon trucking company has a reputation for providing industry leadership when it comes to security, service, safety and technology.

The Celadon trucking company offers a level of dedication to quality and services that is virtually unparalleled in the rest of the trucking industry. This trucking company has attained ISO 9001 certification, and strives to play an elemental role in the supply chain management processes of each of their key customers. This trucking company services a large variety of different high-intensity lines of production, customer direct traffic and distribution channels as well. They have also won a number of first place finishes from the Truckload Carriers Association for the National Fleet Safety Award among a class of carriers who have hauled more than 100 million miles.

Celadon has been an industry leader largely because they have recognized the powerful role that technology plays in the trucking industry. The Celadon trucking company is absolutely committed to leading the way when it comes to trucking industry related technology, and as a result the company is not afraid to invest into leading edge enhancements for trucking systems. In 1991, for example, the Celadon trucking company was one of the very first freight carriers to install tracking systems based on satellite imagery into all of their trucks, allowing customers to better track their loads using the Internet in real time.

Clients all over the United States, Canada and Mexico were suddenly able to tell exactly where their shipments were, greatly improving the customer service process and satisfying clients everywhere. Implementing new technology like full service EDI or electronic data interchange, Internet load tender, document retrieval and load tracking has allowed the Celadon trucking company to lead the pack when it comes to technologically enhanced freight carrying companies all over the globe.

The Celadon trucking company employs drivers who enjoy and appreciate working for a company that has their best interest in mind, agreeing that while there are multiple avenues for employment to explore at Celadon, they all lead to one place: The success of their drivers, and by proxy, the company as well. Drivers looking for the highest paid trucking jobs in North America will enjoy what they find at Celadon trucking, which offers some of the best local trucking jobs in states across the Nation. The Celadon trucking company offers high mileage, competitive pay with guaranteed dock detention, and an outstanding vacation program that rivals everything offered by competing trucking companies.

Central Trucking Company

In 1980, the Central States Trucking Company opened its doors as a dedicated contract carrier and intermodal carrier in Maywood, Illinois. Within the first full years of this trucking company's operations, Central States trucking company achieved $3.85 million dollars in gross revenue, generating a modest profit in the process. In every successive year since the trucking company opened its doors, Central States Trucking has been quite the profitable endeavor. By 1982, Central States Trucking Company had moved to Summit, Illinois. At this point, the company was also managing the American President Lines' first inland terminal and CFS or Container Freight Station at the American President Lines' 22-acre trucking facility.

By 1985, Central States Trucking moved to a larger warehouse facility located in Berwyn, Illinois, in order to opened a neutral CFS station that could serve as an international-level showcase facility. Later in the same year the company found itself becoming the prototype for Central Examination Sites for the United States Customs authority.

In 1995, in order to further expand their warehouse services, the Central States Trucking Company added an airfreight and break-bulk division, opening up a distribution terminal of 150,000 square feet located in Bensenville, Illinois. As part of an acquisition process in 2000, Central States Trucking Company entered the Line Haul market with a focus on offering expedited LTL or Less-Than-Truckload services between Detroit and Chicago O'Hare airports (DTW and ORD respectively).

By 2002, the Central States Trucking company was able to consolidate the Ocean CFS Berwyn, IL operation and Air Freight CFS Bensenville, IL operation, moving to a brand new location which is where the company is still located today, on Thomas Drive in Bensenville, Illinois.

The Central States Trucking Company has always maintained its roots as a family owned and operated trucking company in Illinois. Every day the employees and truck drivers take advantage of the great benefits that come with working with such a successful middle-market company by drawing upon the company's resources and premium customer services, while still being able to spend much needed time and personal attention on each and every one of the company's valued customers and clients.

Every day the Central States Trucking Company is looking for experienced trucking drivers for some of the best trucking jobs in the trucking industry. Even inexperienced drivers who are passionate about the industry are welcomed to come on board. The Central States Trucking Company is expanding rapidly in both their Detroit and Chicago locations, meaning that there has never been a greater time to consider joining one of the best trucking companies in the entire trucking industry.

The Central States Trucking Company is on the lookout for talented and enthusiastic truck drivers who want to join the team, or serve in an owner operator capacity as well. It is the experienced and diverse backgrounds of the CST trucking company's drivers that allow them to offer outstanding and excellent customer services on a constant basis. One of the CST trucking company's mottos is, "We promise you it will be a great ride."

Covenant Trucking Company

The Covenant Transport Incorporated trucking company is in a league of its own, innovative and completely unique to every other freight trucking company out there. This is because the Covenant Transport Incorporated trucking company is a faith-based truckload carrier. This trucking company is publicly traded, and is headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In 1985, the Covenant Transport Incorporated trucking company was founded with only 25 tractors and 50 trailers, and a lot has changed since those days.

Today the Covenant Transport Incorporated trucking company consists of a large group of transportation providers working to offer premium services for transportation in order to accommodate customers all over the United States. This consolidated group of service providers includes operations from Covenant Transport Incorporated, Covenant Transport Solutions, both of which are located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Southern Refrigerated Transport of Texarkana in Arkansas, and Star Transportation, which is located Nashville in Tennessee. This group of service providers operates a total of more than 3,600 tractors, and as many as 9,500 trailers.

The Covenant Transport Incorporated trucking company has trucking terminals located in a number of cities throughout the United States, including: Chattanooga, Tennessee; Hutchins, Texas; Horizon City, Texas; Pomona, California; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Indianapolis, Indiana; Dalton, Georgia; Sayreville, New Jersey; Long Beach, California; Laredo, Texas; French Camp, California; Greensboro, North Carolina; Tipp City, Ohio and Little Rock, Arkansas. 

At the Covenant Transport Incorporated trucking company, it is understood that performance is driven by values which is why the trucking company is rated to be one of the ten largest truckload carriers in the entire Nation based on revenue, according to statistics within the trucking industry. The business strategy that this trucking company follows focuses on target markets where specific service standards can be used to provide a competitive advantage. These service standards are linked to manufacturing, freight forwarding, retailing, less-than-truckload carriers, and even third party logistic providers requiring a high level of service in order to best support their businesses.

In 2006, the Covenant Transport Incorporated trucking company was able to embark on a realignment of the business that allowed the trucking company to better serve the individual needs of customers through separating a host of transportation services into five distinct divisions: Team XL or Xpedited Long haul Service which offers approximately 950 tractors, Temperature Control Services offering approximately 885 tractors, Dedicated services offering an estimated 640 tractors, Regional or Over The Road Solo services offering somewhere around 1,125 tractors, and brokerage services as well.

The Covenant Transport Incorporated trucking team is already comprised of more than 5,100 drivers and associated. At Covenant Transport Incorporated, "quality and integrity is our covenant" is a constant theme. This trucking company is always looking for new drivers, offering some of the highest paid trucking jobs and the best trucking jobs in the entire trucking industry as a result. the Covenant Transport Incorporated trucking company is one of the largest carriers in the entire United States, operating the largest fleet of team-driven tractors in the entire industry.

CR England Trucking

The C. R. England trucking company has stood for high quality trucking and transportation services for more than 85 years now, catering to a growing list of customers from around the nation. C. R. England has developed a reputation as one of the leading trucking companies in the nation, especially among those specializing in transportation products that are temperature controlled. C. R. England serves its diverse customer base through four different business units:

- the England North American Division offers long haul trucking, over the road trucking and regional freight trucking as well.

- The England Mexico Division offers international inbound trucking and outbound trucking services.

- The England Dedicated Division offers dedicated contract carriage services and transportation management services.

- The England Logistics Division offers brokerage services, intermodal trucking, traffic management and options for refrigerated LTL or Less-Than-Truckload options for trucking services.

The faces behind the C. R. England trucking company value safety and the professional nature of the firm's trucking drivers above all else. Unlike many trucking companies, the C. R. England trucking company puts a remarkable emphasis on providing the best trucking jobs by allowing truck drivers to take charge of their lives. The C. R. England trucking company only hires the most qualified drivers for what are some of the highest paid trucking jobs, but no actual truck driving experience is required to qualify.

People who have previously held truck-driving jobs are also welcome to join as the C. R. England trucking company values experience, though does not necessarily require it to get started as a truck driver. C. R. England also has an innovative owner operator program for independent contractors who are looking for some of the highest paid trucking jobs in the entire industry. The C. R. England truck-driving company owns and operates its own trucking schools, allowing individuals new to the trucking industry to obtain their commercial driving licenses before they begin to drive trucks for the company.

Through the C. R. England trucking company, individuals with an entrepreneurial mind can participate in a truck leasing program that allows them to participate in what is essentially their very own transportation and trucking business.

Customer service is the main focus at the C. R. England trucking company. The management team and the truck driving team both understand how important it is to identify and respond to the unique needs of each individual customer. Significant emphasis is placed on delivering freight on time and as safely as is humanly possible.

People looking for trucking jobs that offer a high level of integrity, and custom tailored customer service will enjoy exploring the trucking jobs offered by C. R. England. C. R. England values their truck drivers and their customers. This trucking company offers some of the highest paid trucking jobs in the trucking industry, at up to 50 cents per mile for company drivers, and up to $1.53 per mile for independent contractor and owner operator truck drivers. For some of the best trucking services and jobs in the industry, check out C. R. England today.

Dart Trucking

The Dart America trucking company is headquartered in Columbiana, Ohio, and provides transportation services through two different subsidiaries. The first subsidiary is the Dart Trucking Company, Incorporated, and the second is Dart Services, Incorporated. The Dart America trucking company provides specialized trucking dealing with the transportation of waste materials like municipal solid waste and hazardous waste, through a variety of different pieces of equipment that are operated by truck drivers specifically trained to deal with OSHA and RCRA requirements.

The Dart America trucking company offers a dedicated fleet of services that allows customers to stay focused on the core of their business while the Dart America trucking company handles the rest. The Dart Services Inc. Company provides comprehensive management services for third party transportation needs. Truckload general freight transportation services are also offered by the Dart America trucking company, offering a wide variety of trucking equipment and available service locations.

The Dart America trucking company offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of clients and customers all over the Nation, including hazardous, industrial and municipal solid waste transportation, third party transportation services, dedicated fleet services, general freight transportation, and general commodities transportation.

The Dart America trucking company is headquartered in Columbiana Ohio, and provides one of the largest waste transporters in the entire country. The Dart America trucking company is capable of handling any live stream or remedial project and is permitted to haul a variety of different types of waste, including industrial waste, hazardous waste and municipal solid waste. The Dart America trucking company provides high quality and cost effective options for environmental transportation services. This trucking company is currently permitted to deal with all three forms of waste in 48 states and in Quebec and Ontario, which are provinces in Canada. The Dart America trucking company has high-quality, late model equipment including vans, roll-offs, dumps, flatbeds, open-tops, liquid tankers, walking floors and other specialized trucking equipment.

The Dart America trucking company also serves as a long distance and regional transporter for general commodity products. Because the Dart America trucking company offers a variety of service locations and a wide range of equipment, they can haul a variety of different types of products including building materials, coal, sand, coke, dry bulk commodities, salt, ferroalloys, steel products like rolls and sheets, chemicals, heavy machinery, paint, refractory materials, packaged fertilizer products and even petroleum products.

Additionally, the Dart America trucking company transports a number of general commodities using flatbed trucks and vans, using terminals belonging to the company and a network of agents that are scattered throughout the United States.

The Dart America trucking company is a quickly growing specialty trucking company that offers a wealth of opportunities for people who want to explore trucking careers and need a place to get started. The Dart America trucking company is customer and value focused, and is always on the lookout for hard working and dedicated individuals who want to explore local trucking jobs. The Dart America trucking company offers some of the highest paid trucking jobs in the trucking industry, and may be one of the best trucking jobs worth exploring.

JB Hunt

The J. B. Hunt trucking company strives to forge long-term partnerships with vital customers in the trucking industry, especially those who use supply chain management as a key part of their business strategy. By working in concert with these key customers, this trucking company is capable of driving costs out, adding additional value to services, and functioning almost as an extension to these enterprises, benefiting the entire picture in the process.

J. B. Hunt Transportation Services is one of the largest transportation and logistics companies in all of North America. This trucking company strives to provide transportation services that are reliable and safe to a very diverse group of customers spread out all over the continental United States, Mexico and even Canada. The J. B. Hunt trucking company utilizes a well-integrated, multi-modal approach to provide capacity-oriented solutions that are meant to center specifically on delivering both services that lead the industry, and the highest amount of customer value possible.

The J. B. Hunt Transportation services company was originally incorporated in 1961 in Arkansas, and has been a publicly held company ever since the a public offering was finalized in 1983. This trucking company offers a wide range of service offerings, including full truckload "containerizable" freight services, which are directly transported utilizing revenue equipment and drivers that are company-controlled, and independently contracted owner operator drivers as well. Arrangements have been made with a number of rail carriers all over North America that allow this trucking company to transport a number of truckload freight shipments in containers and trailers all over North America.

The J. B. Hunt trucking company also provides revenue equipment, customized freight movement and labor and systems services that are tailored specifically to meet the individual needs and requirements of customers. These services traditionally involve long-term contracts in order to ensure that the needs of these customers continue to be met on a long-term basis. The J. B. Hunt trucking company enjoys an extremely diverse customer base, including a number of top Fortune 500 companies.

The J. B. Hunt trucking company offers what they feel are some of the best trucking jobs in the entire trucking industry, regardless of what type of trucking job you are looking for. This trucking company offers a variety of different career paths, but all lead in one single direction: To your success. J. B. Hunt is completely committed to helping you find financial security, as well as maintaining your health and your safety. This commitment is demonstrated by offering the best paid trucking jobs in the industry with industry-leading wages, and a host of different benefits including comprehensive insurance options, and an environment that promotes safety above all else.

Anyone who is looking for local trucking jobs should give the J. B. Hunt trucking company a look. This trucking company is more than willing to work with you if you are serious about turning the trucking industry into your career. The J. B. Hunt trucking company has a number of great trucking career options that they would love to share with you.

Arrow Trucking

Arrow Trucking is one of the largest, and one of the most experienced flatbed motor carriers in the entire United States, and they have been in business for nearly sixty years and are still going strong. The Arrow trucking company has a professional leadership team and staff that have the knowledge, experience and capabilities necessary to provide the highest possible level of services to each and every customer. Arrow Trucking also works exceptionally hard to create the right environment for all of the company's truck drivers.

The Arrow trucking company has the capabilities necessary to supply the right trucking equipment at the right place in the right time to anywhere in North America, including the 48 contiguous United States, and a number of locations throughout Mexico and Canada. The Arrow Trucking Company has a wide range of equipment, including flat bed trucking equipment, small trucking equipment and heavy duty trucking equipment, which means that the company can supply equipment to meet your needs, no matter what they are. Arrow Trucking prides itself on its diversity in options, services and equipment offered, making it easy for the company to meet every need of every customer that they work with.

Arrow Trucking continues to enhance the solid foundation behind the company, building upon the company's competitive advantage in the industry by forming innovative strategic business partnerships with a number of other leaders in the industry. One of Arrow's greatest goals is to reinvent themselves through their business practices, and through implementing advanced services, practices, processes and technologies.

Arrow is excited to bring new drivers under their wing from all over the nation, which is why this trucking company offers truck-driving jobs all over the nation. No matter where you are located, there are probably local trucking jobs available to you. This is especially true if you are looking for local trucking jobs in Oklahoma, which is where Arrow is mainly based. Arrow offers a wide variety of driving options for individuals who are qualified to drive the equipment Arrow uses to meet the needs of their customers.

The Arrow trucking company is primarily an OTR flatbed truck carrier, but there are also trucking jobs in a variety of other fields within the industry, including heavy haul truck driving and regional flatbed truck driving as well. If you are just getting started in the truck driving industry, you will be happy to know that Arrow Trucking offers an outstanding program for entry level truck driving so that you can launch your truck driving career in the right direction from day one. Arrow also runs an outstanding lease purchase program for Owner Operators, so if you are looking for an ideal truck-driving job, Arrow may just have exactly what you have been looking for. One of Arrow's mottos is "A great driving job", and they are serious about providing exactly that to their truck driving employees.

Yellow Trucking

Transportation is the second largest industry in the entire United States, and Yellow Trucking is one of the largest, most well known trucking companies within that industry. Yellow Transportation Inc.'s mission is to become the leading provider for transportation services worldwide, which means providing guaranteed, defect free, time definite and hassle free transportation for their business customers. The Yellow Transportation trucking company provides international, national and regional transportation options and related services to more than 400,000 different customers, applying a wealth of resources in the process.

These resources include superior customer service skills, the best people in the entire industry, and a transportation network that is backed by state of the art system management and tracking technologies. The Yellow Transportation trucking company strives to offer an ever-growing comprehensive set of solutions for transportation through their website, in conjunction with a team of well-trained, technology-enabled professionals who handle customer service issues. The Yellow transportation company has spent a number of years developing a superb track record, denoting safety, reliability and high quality services. Yellow Trucking has a motto, which is "We can get the job done---and we do."

Those who are looking for local trucking jobs will like what they find at Yellow Transportation. The Yellow Transportation trucking company offers a challenging and fast paced atmosphere. With so many people turning to trucking careers and trucking employment options, Yellow Transportation is responding by offering a number of local trucking jobs wherever trucking stations are located. The trucking industry is constantly growing meaning that results oriented trucking companies like Yellow will always be looking for hardworking, dedicated individuals to fill a variety of different local trucking jobs.

Yellow Transportation offers a seriously results-oriented culture, which is designed to encourage continuous improvement and diversity among employees in all aspects of the company. Yellow Transportation is an equal opportunity employer, valuing a variety of different backgrounds and experiences meaning that everyone is given an equal chance to be employed, regardless of their past or experience.

Yellow Transportation offers both non-union and salary employ, and all employees are allowed to participate in an annual performance review process that allows base pay and bonuses to be improved based on positive performances. This program is one example of the hard work that Yellow Transportation puts into connecting with its employees, by offering outstanding incentives as a way to bring the best employees in to their local trucking jobs.

Regardless of whether you are a busy business looking for a hardworking freight trucking company that can deliver your goods on time without you having to worry about it, or an out of work trucker looking for an outstanding company to dedicate yourself to, Yellow Transportation has what you need. For more information on the Yellow Transportation company's services or becoming an employee with the company, visit

Conway Trucking

Con-way trucking is one of the leading freight transportation and logistics companies in the entire nation. Con-way Trucking treats the satisfaction of their customers as their number one priority, and works hard to out-perform competing freight transportation companies. Transportation and logistics play an extremely vital link in today's global economy, and Con-way Trucking knows this, which is why they strive to lead in the industry by offering a robust portfolio of service offerings, including LTL or less-than-truckload, logistics and full truckload.

The Con-way freight trucking company is a premier provider for reliable regional, inter-regional and nationwide less-than-truckload service, offering their services to customers both large and small all across a vast network of LTL operating locations in North America. Con-way's Menlo Worldwide Logistics is an offshoot of the outstanding trucking company, standing as a leading global provider for a vast range of transportation management, logistics, and supply chain and freight brokerage services. Menlo Worldwide Logistics offers operations both in North America, and in seventeen other countries located on five major continents across the globe.

In 2007, CFI was added to the Con-way Truckload organization, allowing transportation professionals to take advantage of another outstanding service within Con-way's extensive portfolio of service offerings. CFI has been in business for more than fifty years and offers some of the best in class service and truckload capacity. CFI offers its services to dry van shippers across North America, including the United States and Mexico by offering unparalleled experience and outstanding support.

In 2007, The Con-way trucking company was named Fortune magazine's "Most admired company" in the transportation and logistics industry. Con-way currently combines the resources of more than 30,000 professionals all over the nation, which includes several decades' worth of experience, top-notch leadership in the industry, and the financial stability that only a $4.8 billion dollar publicly traded company can offer. With all of these characteristics combined, Con-way trucking has proven to have quite a competitive advantage.

If you are looking for a trucking job, looking for local trucking jobs is not your only option. Joining the Con-way team is also an option. The Con-way trucking team offers an exciting and rewarding career opportunity. Trucking careers at Con-way trucking offer a chance to maximize your unique skills, and to encourage personal growth. Con-way trucking jobs also provide a robust rewards and benefits package, delivering an outstanding set of compensation, training and benefits.

Con-way strives to deliver industry-leading services in the trucking industry, and bringing in hard working employees is a part of their process. Con-way trucking is a combination of Con-way freight, CFI and con-way truckload, and Menlo worldwide logistics and all facets of this conglomerate are constantly looking for assistance, as there are plenty of trucking jobs to fill all over the nation. If you have experience in the trucking industry or would like to develop some, follow Con-way's advice: "Go far. Do more. Join Con-way."

CRST Trucking

The CRST Malone trucking company is actually one of the oldest truckload carriers in the trucking industry today. CRST Malone trucking has been serving the flatbed-trucking marketplace ever since 1928, which is a great deal longer than most other flat bed trucking and small trucking companies. The CRST Malone trucking company was originally founded based on the principles of offering superior customer service to everyone the company comes in contact with, and relentlessly pursuing the maximization of success of independent terminals and contractors. The CRST Malone trucking company hires all of their truck drivers as independent contractors, which is quite unlike most other truck driving companies of today.

The CRST Malone flatbed trucking company is headquartered in Birmingham in Alabama, and is actually the largest flatbed organization that can fit itself under a single roof in the entire nation. CRST Malone trucking has more than 1600 trucks, operating through over 100 different field offices that service all forty-eight contiguous United States as well as Canada. The vast infrastructure that CRST Malone trucking has created allows the company to provide all levels of different flatbed trucking services, from the more simple services to some that are a great deal more complex.

The CRST Malone flatbed trucking company is actually an owner operator trucking company, as it only hires independent contractor truck drivers who work independently rather than necessarily for the company. This is unique, as very few trucking companies employ their truck drivers in this fashion. Any owner operator flatbed truck driver can be hired by CRST Malone, meaning that they own and operate their own flatbed truck, but take truck driving jobs from CRST Malone to generate income.

The minimum age requirement for a owner operator truck driver to work for CRST Malone is 23, and CRST Malone trucking requires that all hires already have six months or more experience under their belt. Because CRST Malone only works with owner operator truckers, the company does not hire teams. The company offers dedicated, local and one-time-run hauling runs, and the average time away from home is between five and seven days. CRST Malone is one of the highest paying trucking companies, paying $1.77 per mile gross to start.

In an effort to ensure that only the best flatbed truck drivers work for CRST Malone, a competitive benefits package is offered, including cost to driver benefits, cost family benefits, dental and vision coverage and retirement planning. The company does offer bonuses, but does not offer lay over pay or loading and unloading pay. One unique thing about the company is that they offer pets and rider programs for children over ten and spouses, which means as an independent contractor for the CRST Malone trucking company, you can bring your spouse, child or pet along for the ride when you are crossing the country. With all of these great benefits, it really is no wonder why all of the best truck drivers in the country want to enlist as owner operator trucking employers for CRST Malone. The company is hiring in all 48 contiguous states and in the District of Columbia, meaning that there are plenty of local trucking jobs to take advantage of, no matter where in the United States you live.

Estes Trucking

Despite the fact that the great depression was not a very good time to be starting up a business, an innovative entrepreneur by the name of W.W. Estes bought a single used Chevrolet truck in 1931 and established a small local trucking company. The first trucking jobs that this business experienced were simple tasks, hauling farm produce and other supplies about in the Southwest region of Virginia. W.W.'s truck was a sight for sore eyes, with an upturned crate for a driver's seat, and a discarded window for a windshield because the glass had been missing. Still, W.W. Estes managed to grow out of his tenuous beginning to create what is regarded as one of the major motor freight carriers in the United States.

The Estes family is still owning and operating the company originally founded by W.W., however it has seen a number of dramatic transformations in the seventy-five years between when the company was founded and today. The Estes Express Lines trucking company has become one of the fastest growing companies in the entire country, offering less-than-truckload and truckload transportation systems across the region.

The transformations that this fast growing company underwent did not happen by happy accident. W.W. Estes was an extremely resourceful man, and used his determination to create a superior customer service team. Much of the early success experienced by the Estes trucking company came as a result of W.W.'s ability to see great potential for the trucking industry in the nation's ever changing economy through the years.

W.W. Estes passed away in 1971, and already had 650 employees at that time. His team of hardworking, dedicated and well-trained employees ran a large system of terminals in a number of different states, including his home state of Virginia, and North and South Carolina. Together this network of trucking terminals was producing around $10 million dollars in revenue on an annual basis.

The Estes trucking legacy was carried on by W.W.'s son, and the company continued to grow according to his views and innovations. The presidency was then passed on to another generation in 1990. By this point, the number of employees working for the Estes transportation company had tripled, and the company's revenue had increased tenfold.

The Estes trucking company is a family owned and operated facility with strong family values and customer-centric focus that allows the company to lead in the industry when it comes to maintaining customer values and meeting every need of every customer that the Estes family should work with. The Estes trucking company provides an endless list of services and a strong customer service and support team, meaning that the company will do everything in their power to meet your needs. The Estes trucking company also makes an outstanding employer, offering high pay for local trucking jobs, and assistance for those who want to find a career in trucking as well. Anyone looking for a trucking career should definitely check out the Estes Trucking Company.

John Christner Trucking

A man who had already spent a number of years in the trucking industry founded the John Christner trucking company with only two trucks in 1989. His experience with a trucking career began when he was an over the road driver, before he became a dispatcher for a company called Tom Inman trucking. The John Christner trucking company was joined by a man named Danny who joined the trucking company for help with odds and ends, though he was eventually promoted to become the Chief Operations Officer, or COO of the company.

Darryl joined the John Christner trucking company sometime later, and was eventually promoted to become the Chief Financial Officer or CFO of the company. Both men are masters in their respective fields, helping to turn the John Christner trucking company into a multi-million dollar company. Still, the John Christner trucking company has managed to maintain a friendly, family-owned atmosphere. "We are just making a small living for a big family" is a common saying of John's.

By working with the John Christner trucking company, you can really go the distance. The John Christner trucking company has become a recognized leader in the trucking industry, mainly because the company's commitment to service is right on. This commitment begins with industry leading lease operators. Although the company's standards are high, those who pass the test will find a rewarding trucking career, not only because of earnings, but also because you will be part of a trucking team that is recognized on a nationwide basis for simply being the best that there is in the trucking industry.

If you are ready to own your own truck and to participate in owner operator trucking with the John Christner trucking company, you will love taking advantage of the company's "lease to own" program, which allows you to drive to the ownership of a truck of your very own. It may not be an easy process, and may involve a lot of hard work and a lot of trucking, but if you are serious about making a career for yourself in the trucking industry, all of this hard work could be extremely rewarding. Your experience will act as your down payment, and your quality work record and safe driving record will act as your credit, and after a few years of hard work and dedication you will be able to say that you own your own truck. If you want to make a name for yourself in a trucking career, this is an excellent opportunity to get started.

While most truckers will qualify to work with the John Christner trucking company, not all will qualify for the lease to own program that the company offers. However, if you do qualify and you are willing to put in the necessary effort, you really can be on your way to creating your very own business as an owner operator trucker. The John Christner trucking company is looking for dedicated, hardworking and passionate people like you. What are you waiting for?

Knight Trucking

Building the best truckload company in the entire trucking industry is not an easy feat, but it had always been an ambition of four cousins, Gary, Keith, Kevin and Randy Knight. By the time they were able to begin their own company, Knight Trucking, in 1990, they had already acquired a total sum of more than eighty years worth of trucking experience between the four of them. With all of this experience, they knew that there were better ways to run a trucking company than what was currently out there. This is what led to the birth of what is known as the Knight method.

From the very beginning of the company's origins, it was a trucking company that was focused on growth that was safe and sensible and based on financial strength and an everlasting commitment to working together in order to meet mutual goals both with one another and with customers as well. The Knight Trucking Company's management style is intensive, emphasizing efficiency and striving to simplify each and every load. One of the largest goals of the company has always been to find new ways to increase the quality of service, advancing the trucking business in the process.

Knight Transport has grown to have a truly remarkable success story in the trucking industry. Revenues grew from just over $13 million dollars in 1991 a year after the company was founded, to more than $500 million dollars in 2006. By 2006, operating ratios had risen to 80%. The Knight trucking company began with only a handful of trucks servicing a number of companies, but has grown exponentially and now handles 3,600 tractors and 8,500 trailers in 27 different service centers scattered throughout the Nation. The Knight Transport trucking company has grown from only a handful of associates to more than 4,000. This quaint family-owned business has become a publicly held company.

For twelve years now, Forbes Magazine has regarded the Knight Transport trucking company as one of the Top 200 Best Small Companies. Knight Transport trucking will always strive to be a "hometown national carrier" no matter how large they grow to accommodate demand. Thanks to the hard work of dedicated and devoted associates through the year, Knight Transport trucking company has been able to grow exponentially over the past years.

At the Knight Transport trucking company, the employee family is extremely important. The faces behind this fast growing trucking company support a healthy and hardworking working environment where everyone cares about each other, and where everyone can work as a well oiled machine. Every employee is encouraged to think and behave as an owner of the company, because taking care of the company allows the company to take care of them.

The Knight Transport trucking company is always looking for new truck drivers to join their ranks. Truck drivers looking for the best jobs in the trucking industry will benefit from exploring employment options with this truly innovative and quickly growing trucking business.

Landstar Trucking

The Landstar trucking company strives to deliver transportation trucking and logistics services that are safe and specialized to a wide range of customers all over the world. The Landstar trucking company works with a network of more than 1,000 independent sales agents, 8,000 business capacity owners and 23,000 owner-operator trucking contract carriers as well as warehouse capacity owners. This network allows the Landstar trucking company to draw on a variety of different types of equipment, utilizing innovative technology within the trucking industry to ensure that every customer receives supply chain solutions that are safe, cost effective and reliable and that meet every need that may arise.

The Landstar trucking company is actually called Landstar System, Inc, and it is headquartered in Jacksonville in Florida. All of the Landstar trucking company's operating companies are ISO 9001:2000 management systems standards certified. The Landstar trucking company is a worldwide operation, and a non-asset based provider of supply chain solutions that are integrated and that deliver safe and specialized transportation, logistics and warehousing services to a diverse range of customers all over the world. The Landstar trucking company utilizes a widespread network of agents, employees and third party capacity owners to ensure that every service offered is of the highest quality imaginable.

The Landstar trucking company takes serious pride in being the best and most innovative trucking company in the industry. The Landstar trucking company strives to deliver superb and excellent services to customers with a variety of different needs. The Landstar trucking company is a large and quickly growing Fortune 1000 company that works hard to offer a diverse set of outstanding opportunities amongst an energetic atmosphere filled with accomplishment and team spirit.

The Landstar trucking company works hard to use the most innovative leading-edge technology in the services that they offer, providing comprehensive support to thousands of clients all across the country because the Landstar trucking company only works with hardworking independent business owners who can deliver safe, reliable and high quality transportation and logistics services to Landstar's client base.

Anyone who shares the same spirit of achievement that the Landstar trucking company is known for is encouraged to consider joining the Landstar trucking company team. The Landstar trucking company offers competitive rates, outstanding benefits for employees and an outstanding work environment that any employee would be lucky to be a part of. The Landstar trucking company offers some of the best trucking jobs in the entire trucking industry, by providing the types of jobs that people are looking to obtain: Positions that offer good work environments, great pay, and benefits packages that are worth working for.

The Landstar trucking company is a fast growing firm with a passion for over-achieving by constantly outdoing their own performances using new and innovative methods for delivering the complete solution to their customers. The Landstar trucking company has a great deal of potential and will continue to grow within the trucking industry for years to come.

Maverick Trucking

The Maverick trucking company was formed in 1980 under the name Maverick Transportation. The Chairman and CEO of the company, Steve Williams, grew up in the transportation industry and learned everything he knew about the trade from his steel hauling father. It was this modest beginning that allowed him to turn his small start up hauling business into true excellence.

The Maverick trucking company is headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas and is a privately held transportation company operating an average of 1,500 units that specialize in hauling everything imaginable from glass to steel from one coast to the other.

The Maverick trucking company also has a regional office that is located in Gary, Indiana. The Maverick trucking company has several terminal locations, including one in Madison, Illinois, Jarratt, Virginia, Middletown, Ohio, Magnum, Oklahoma, Laurinburg, North Carolina, Green Bay, Wisconsin and Fort Smith, Arkansas.

The Maverick trucking company leads the industry by providing an unmatched team of professional drivers behind every single load hauled. The employees with the Maverick trucking company are truly the backbone to the entire operation. The Maverick trucking company would not be what it is today without an exceptional management team, and an average tenure of 18 years or more of service. The employees with the Maverick trucking company are clearly committed to making a difference both for customers and for the company.

The Maverick trucking company is a dynamic leader in the trucking industry, establishing a truly unique corporate culture in the process of building up a positive reputation in the flatbed transportation industry. Maverick Transportation's reputation as a carrier that truly cares is well deserved, because the Maverick trucking company truly does care about both customers and employees.

By joining the Maverick Transportation team as an employee or a truck driver, you can expect access to all the resources, tools and technology necessary to get the job done the right way, which in this case is the Maverick way. The Maverick trucking company has more than 1,500 trucks, and 10 different locations spread throughout the United States, which means that there are plenty of trucking career opportunities worth getting excited about. The Maverick trucking company offers a number of great benefits that make it exciting and desirable to join the team, so there really is nothing to be waiting for.

The Maverick trucking company absolutely believes that every employee deserves a first class environment to work in, and this value shows in the way that the company treats their drivers and staff members. If you are looking for the best trucking jobs in the industry, you have come to the right place. The Maverick trucking company has everything that you could ever want in a trucking career, regardless of whether you have previous experience driving or a commercial driver's license when you get started. Let the Maverick Transportation Company show you how to make a future for yourself in the trucking industry, and you will not be disappointed.

May Trucking

The May trucking company was originally founded in 1945 in Payette, Idaho and has been providing quality transportation services for more than sixty years now. When the May trucking company came into existence, it involved hauling cement sacks to construction sites. Now the May trucking company actually operates a fleet of 850 tractors or more, 200 of which are successful owner operator trucking operations, which provide transportation services both for dry products and refrigerated products all throughout the United States. The May trucking company has terminal locations throughout the United States as well, including Salem, Oregon, Los Angeles, California, Phoenix, Arizona, Layton, Utah, Payette, Idaho and Pensacola, Florida.

The May trucking company is celebrating more than sixty years in business because they understand what it takes to make success in the trucking industry. It is the people behind the May trucking company that make it what it is today. The May trucking company only employs the most talented drivers in order to handle the latest and most innovative technology and the best equipment that money can buy. The combination of these three factors gives the May trucking company a significant advantage over competitors. If the May trucking company wants to continue to remain second to none, it must hold every aspect of the company up to high and difficult to beat standards.

Due to the excellent safety, vehicle inspection and compliance record that the May trucking company strives to uphold, the State of Oregon has recognized the May trucking company as a trusted carrier. The May trucking company has special license plates on its tractors, identifying that May trucking drivers are among the most compliant and the safest in the entire nation. The May trucking company has been recognized with numerous safety awards by both the Great West Casualty Risk Management and Truckload Carriers Associations based on this excellent record of safety and compliance.

The May trucking company strives to provide specialized, customized solutions based on the individual transportation needs of each and every client. There are two primary divisions to the May trucking company; the Dry Van Division and the Refrigerated Division. The Dry Van Division uses tractors and dry vans within the 11 western United States, and the refrigerated division uses tractors with space saver reefer trailers serving all 48 of the contiguous United States.

The May trucking company also offers dedicated and engineered fleet services, using 150 dedicated trucks and hardworking drivers that focus on increasing productivity levels, improving cost control and optimization, and the implementation of technology without involving capital spending. At May trucking company, it is believed that technology can be improved to improve the quality of service in the trucking industry, and acts accordingly by consistently working to develop new and better ways to meet customer needs on a daily basis. Technology-focused individuals who have a decent work ethic and a passion for the trucking industry are urged to explore trucking career options by joining the May trucking company fleet.

Melton Trucking Company

The Melton trucking company is an award-winning flatbed carrier that offers a level of dedication and experience that is unrivaled by many competing flatbed trucking companies. The Melton trucking company has the equipment and the personnel necessary to provide excellent customer service, and consistent on-time delivery as well. Customers who have worked with the Melton trucking company in the past are always quick to give praise based on the courtesy of the drivers and the professionalism shown by the entire company. The overall quality of the company's performance is outstanding, making the Melton trucking company a preferred flatbed trucking company for a variety of applications.

The Melton trucking company first opened its doors in 1954, when Burt and Gladys Melton purchased a piece of operating authority and a few small trucks in Crossett, Arkansas. Business began as a way to haul lumber and roofing materials in Missouri, Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Two new diesel tractors were purchased a few years later, and with a total of six trucks and twenty-three trailers, the business was finally beginning to take off. That was, until Bert met an untimely death only three years later, leaving the company to his wife who went on to sell it to William Duncan McRae in 1958. The company kept the original name out of respect for Bert Melton's memory, and the company also maintained its family atmosphere even though it had been passed on to a new family. The company was small, and many of the employees were actually husband and wife teams. Whole families eventually began to work for the "Melton Family", and the Melton trucking company team grew stronger and stronger through the years.

Although the Melton trucking company is no longer owned by the Melton family, or the McRae family for that matter, the strong family atmosphere is still present, even today more than fifty years later.

The Melton trucking company is recognized within the industry as a friendly and familiar team of trucking enthusiasts who are committing not only to meeting customer expectations, but also to exceeding them on a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week basis. The Melton trucking company provides freight handling that is reliable, safe and efficient. The Melton trucking company consistently responds to the changing needs of customers and the trucking industry by implementing innovative and state of the art technology, utilizing the best equipment available in order to get the job done. These state of the art implementations include Internet load tracking, and continuous Qualcomm communication with drivers no matter where they re. The technology used by the Melton trucking company is absolutely top of the line in every way.

The Melton trucking company has a fleet of nearly 900 trucks, because more trucks means greater capacity for meeting the needs of customers. The Melton trucking company is extremely dedicated to each and every customer, which is in a large part what has helped the company to earn its reputation for being one of the most dedicated and dependable international flatbed carriers that serves not only the United States, but also Canada and Mexico as well.

Old Dominion Trucking

The Old Dominion trucking company is based in Thomasville in North Carolina but was originally founded in Richmond Virginia in 1934. The Old Dominion trucking company follows a nonunion structure, and was originally founded by the Earl Congdon family. This trucking company serves more than 48,000 different direct points, including all Canadian points, through 192 different service centers.

The Old Dominion trucking company directly serves nearly every state in the Nation, except for Alaska, Hawaii, Iowa, and Montana. The Old Dominion trucking company also offers 100% coverage to a number of states in the Nation, 38 to be exact: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. This trucking company also has regional operations in the Southeast, Gulf Coast, Northeast, Central, West and Midwest, with inter-regional operations existing between each region, and intrastate operations existing within most states as well.

The Old Dominion trucking company currently has nearly 13,000 employees, with 5,191 tractors, 14,141 pup trailers and 5,493 vans. The Old Dominion trucking company offers a full range of transportation services through major inter-regional hub service centers in Atlanta, Dallas, Greensboro, Harrisburg, Indianapolis, Memphis, Morristown and Rialto. Regional hub service centers can be found in Albany, Birmingham, Chicago, Columbus, Denver, Des Moines, Fort Wayne, Jackson, Jersey City, Kansas City, Parsons and Salt Lake City.

2007 is the Old Dominion trucking company's 73 year in existence, and has proven to be another outstanding year for this constantly growing and evolving trucking company. The Old Dominion trucking company actually functions through the use of four different operating groups, which combine to find new and innovative ways to simplify the transportation needs of each and every individual customer. These four operating groups are the Old Dominion Domestic, Old Dominion Expedited, Old Dominion Global and Old Dominion Technology, each providing a unique set of services and products that can turn the concept of simplified transportation into a reality.

The cornerstone of the Old Dominion trucking company's vision is "Six regions, one company, one vision" because Old Dominion is just a single company rather than a big group of business entities trying to vie for power over a single power. By sticking to one single company, the Old Dominion trucking company is actually better able to provide the complete solution to each individual company by creating super regional coverage through five different regions in the country.

The Old Dominion trucking company may be one of the best trucking companies in the industry, offering some of the highest paying trucking jobs in the entire trucking industry, which is enticing to those who want to explore a trucking career. If you are looking to join a trucking company that will allow you find success in this busy, bustling industry, the Old Dominion trucking company may just be the best bet for you.

PGT Trucking

The PGT trucking company is a leader in the flatbed transportation trucking industry, primarily servicing the building construction and metals industries. The PGT trucking company strives not only to meet the needs and expectations of their customers, but also to exceed them on a consistent basis by providing customized transportation options including flatbed trucking, dedicated trucking, international trucking, specialized trucking and wallboard transportation. The high standards that the PGT trucking company has set for the industry have given the company a reputation for being the "proud professionals".

The PGT trucking company was founded on two basic principles: Family, and safety. After twenty-four years in business, PGT trucking is still going strong. The business was originally founded with only a single truck and two employees, but dramatic changes have occurred over time along with dynamic and significant growth. Now the PGT trucking company is one of the largest flatbed trucking firms in the entire United States. The PGT trucking company now has more than 750 drivers, providing just-in-time delivery service throughout the entire country.

The PGT trucking company is a company that is completely dedicated to keeping both company-owned drivers and owner operator truckers on the road as often as possible. The company takes serious pride in service and workmanship every single day.

The PGT trucking company has a number of full-service, state of the art maintenance facilities located in several cities throughout the United States, including one in Monaca, Pennsylvania, Lone star, Texas, Birmingham, Alabama and Monroe, Ohio. The company also has trucking terminals in a number of cities throughout the United States, including Monaca, Shippingport, Apollo and Wampum in Pennsylvania, Canton, Cleveland, Leipsic, Monroe, Sandusky and Steubenville in Ohio, Waterbury, Connecticut, Baltimore, Maryland, Charlotte, North Carolina, Clarksville, Tennessee, Louisville, Carrolton and Calvert City in Kentucky, Granite City and Champaign in Illinois, Detroit, Michigan, Crawfordsville and Gary in Indiana, Lone Star and Laredo in Texas, Centreville in Mississippi, and Birmingham in Alabama.

People who are looking for a career in the trucking industry will have come to the right place by looking into the PGT trucking company as a viable trucking career option. The PGT trucking company can offer flatbed-trucking drivers a roadmap to success. The PGT trucking company is currently looking to hire drivers who have everything that it takes to join the rapidly growing PGT family. The PGT Company offers some of the strongest power lanes in the entire trucking industry, and an abundant amount of freight as well.

By joining the PGT family, you will be giving yourself the opportunity to take advantage of some of the highest paid trucking jobs in the industry, as well as a benefits package that truly is second to none. The PGT Company is looking both for company drivers and for owner operator independent contractors. There is also an option for lease-to-buy lease purchase drivers both for northern and southern trucking operations. PGT's primary goal is to become the premier flatbed-trucking firm in the entire nation, and the company intends to make this happen one hardworking driver at a time.

Prime trucking

A man named Robert E. Low originally founded the Prime trucking company in Urbana, Missouri in 1970. The Prime trucking company began with only a single dump truck. The vision that Robert Low had was to provide the ultimate in customer satisfaction, and it was this vision that allowed him to rapidly expand the company. Within 10 years, by 1980, the Prime trucking company was a $50-million dollar operation. This is the point where the operation moved from Urbana, Missouri to Springfield, Missouri.

Prime had to downsize their operations considerably in the 1980s when the era of deregulation slowed the economy, Prime trucking remained resolute in their efforts, and managed to focus primarily on their areas of expertise to continue profiting as a company even through a period that would normally be devastating for a company like theirs. A large amount of emphasis was placed on refrigerating trucking business, and eventually the Prime trucking company expanded to also include flatbed trucking and brokerage services in addition to their original service line.

A number of different facets of the Prime trucking company allowed it to continue prospering, including cost controls, aggressive effort to recruit the most qualified personnel in the entire industry, and customer service enhancements that allowed Prime to be an industry leader when it came to meeting needs. Prime trucking continued to provide transportation services that were superior and reliable.

Prime has continued to experience a steady amount of growth in revenue since around 1986. Prime prides itself on the capability to provide top of the line, cutting edge equipment, technology and personnel for all jobs that they complete. Because of these factors, Prime trucking continues to remain steady, positioning itself to become an industry leader for years to come.

Prime Inc. trucking considers itself to be North America's most successful trucking company, handling tanker carrying, flatbed trucking and refrigerated trucking primarily. Prime trucking provides safe, reliable and on-time services to an expanding number of customers on a regional basis, a national basis and an international basis as well.

Anyone looking for trucking careers or opportunities in the trucking industry will benefit from the trucking jobs available through Prime trucking inc. Prime Inc. offers trucking job possibilities both for owner operator trucking, and for traditional company trucking as well. Today Prime provides a number of different trucking services, and is looking to fill trucking jobs in a number of locations across the nation, including jobs for part time trucking, flat bed trucking, heavy-duty trucking and more. Prime trucking offers some of the most competitive rates for truck drivers, so drivers who are looking for the highest paid trucking jobs should definitely look in to the job opportunities with this innovative company.

Despite being forced to brave an era where many companies lost business and many more went bankrupt, Prime Inc. trucking has always been an industry leader, fighting to improve their capabilities despite the odds.

Roehl Trucking

When the Roehl trucking company first opened its doors in 1962 with a single truck, Everett Roehl was beginning a lot more than simply a trucking company. He began to compose a team of hard working and dedicated professionals, guiding this team to help him build the Roehl Transport trucking company into one of the Nation's largest motor carriers. Roehl insisted that the company would be based on his values, and he modeled those values so that everyone on his team could emulate them. Everett Roehl wanted to deliver confidence and satisfaction to each and every single customer that the company came in contract with, meeting and exceeding expectations and solving needs.

Today, the Roehl Transport trucking company is still driven by the same values that allowed Everett Roehl to shape the company so long ago. Roehl's values of safety, quality consciousness, cost consciousness; honesty and integrity are still being reflected in the day-to-day operations of the business, even today.

Although the Roehl Transport trucking company began with only a single truck, today there are more than 1,400 tractors and 3,000 trailers being maintained and operated by more than 1700 employees within the company. The Everett Roehl Trucking company because Roehl Transport Incorporated in 1982, the name being changed in order to reflect the scope of the business as it evolved over time. Team Roehl grew rapidly after Motor Carrier Deregulation was able to ease business restrictions faced by earlier carriers. Satellite communications and improved information systems allowed growth to continue even further in the 90s.

In 2002, Rick Roehl, son to the founder of the company, became the president and the COO or chief operating officer of the company, vowing to continue along the same course that was laid out so long ago by his father. Even today, the Roehl Transport trucking company continues to lead the industry in a number of ways, setting the company apart from the competition in a big way.

The American Trucking Association chose the Roehl Transport trucking company as a "Twenty from the top", which recognizes the Roehl Transport trucking company as one of the better managed carriers in the entire nation. No other carrier has ever earned this distinction as many times as the Roehl Transport trucking company, which had received it ten consecutive times by 2003.

The Roehl Transport trucking company is a "truck driver's trucking company", owned and run by truck drivers who not only have their commercial drivers licenses, but also use them to haul freight right along with the rest of the drivers on the team. This means that the management never loses sight of the big picture, and never loses touch with the job and those who are doing it every day. The people who are running the company are committed to staying connected with every driver on the team, and working hard to understand their needs and concerns so that they may be treated with just as much value as the customers.

Saia Trucking

The Saia trucking company originally began more than 80 years ago, covering only a two-state area, Louisiana and Texas. The Saia trucking company defines itself as an industry-defining one and two day regional less-than-truckload freight trucking carrier, and a service provider that is so dependable, it brings out a sigh of relief from its customers. Today, Saia has become one of the most successful less-than-truckload carriers in the entire Nation, ranking in the top ten of all carriers within the LTL trucking industry. Much of the growth experienced by the Saia trucking company has been accomplished based on various acquisitions and mergers.

The Saia trucking company has experienced a number of important milestones over the past eighty years, many of which are quite notable and have contributed heavily to the trucking company's success. The company was founded in 1924 in Houma, Louisiana and only had a single trucking terminal to work with. By 1993, there were twenty-three terminals offering limited coverage to five different states. This was the year that Saia was purchased by the Yellow Corporation. By 1995, Smalley Transportation and Saia merged, further expanding the company into nine different states. Saia was also capable of opening terminals in west Texas, North Carolina and South Carolina, which allowed the company to provide 100% coverage to 11 different Southern States.

In 2001, a number of sister companies including WestEx and Action Express were integrated into the Saia company, which allowed for expansion into a total of 21 states, with more than 5,000 employees and 100 trucking terminal locations. Significant market research was conducted in 2003 in order to identify what really mattered to customers, and trucking industry-exclusive Customer Service Indicators or CSIs and an Xtreme Performance campaign were launched as a result of this research.

By 2004, the company had acquired Clark Brothers, with 600 employees and operations in nine different states. This addition added direct service coverage in a number of new major midwestern markets, including Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City and St. Louis. By this point, the Saia network was operating 128 terminals and serving 30 of 50 states. Today, the Saia trucking company serves 34 states through 148 different terminals, including Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan.

The Saia trucking company is headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, but also has offices located in Houma, Louisiana and Boise, Idaho. Throughout the history of this trucking company, the one thing that has never changed is that there is absolutely nothing that Saia will not attempt to do for its customers. All you have to do is be willing to ask.

The Saia trucking company is always on the lookout for "Xtreme performers", hardworking and dedicated individuals who take pride in their work, present a positive image, and have a strong work ethic. These individuals are invited to explore the best jobs in the trucking industry by joining the company team. The Saia trucking company offers competitive rates, outstanding benefits and a great work environment for anyone who is willing to join the family that this company has created for itself.

Schneider Trucking Company

The Schneider National Incorporated trucking company is a leading provider for transportation services, logistics services and other related services in North America. The Schneider National Incorporated trucking company serves more than 80 percent of all Fortune 500 companies, which allows them to offer one of the largest and most diverse service portfolios in the entire trucking industry.

The Schneider National Incorporated trucking company offers a wide range of transportation services, including but not limited to one-way trucking, intermodal, dedicated and bulk trucking, transportation management services, transloading services, Schneider payment services and international services as well. The Schneider Logistics Company, a subsidiary of the Schneider National Incorporated trucking company, provides services including supply chain management, managed and engineering service and freight payment services.

The Schneider National Incorporated trucking company is headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and has built a reputation based on more than seventy years of providing expert transportation services and logistics solutions.

The Schneider National Incorporated trucking company is always looking to hire dedicated, hardworking corporate truck drivers and owner operator truck drivers as well. This trucking company is more than willing to work with experienced drivers, inexperienced drivers, freight trucking drivers, and a variety of different backgrounds and training levels. Even if you have never driven a truck before, Schneider National Incorporated will still work with you by offering company provided trucking schools for candidates who qualify. The Schneider Training Academy is a world-class training program for the trucking industry, allowing inexperienced drivers to explore trucking careers. At the Schneider National Incorporated trucking company, management puts a strong and serious emphasis on the concept of safety.

The Schneider National Incorporated trucking company is a leader in the trucking industry, offering some of the highest paid trucking jobs in the trucking industry, especially for inexperienced drivers who are normally shortchanged when it comes to pay for their training. Schneider offers a higher pay package for inexperienced truck drivers who can earn as much as $46,000 in a year as long as they meet eligibility requirements for the Schneider training academy. Experienced truck drivers who come to Schneider looking for enhanced trucking careers will be happy to know that even experienced drivers can receive some of the highest paid trucking jobs in the industry, receiving between $38,000 and $60,000 in a year, or 33 to 45.5 cents per mile.

By working for the Schneider National Incorporated trucking company, drivers will receive the respect that they deserve, and will have help achieving personal career success through job security, job stability, high paying jobs, and above all else, some of the best trucking jobs in the entire industry. Regardless of whether you are looking for part time trucking jobs, independent contractor or owner operator trucking, or a full time trucking career, Schneider National Incorporated has the right trucking job waiting for you. Nobody can beat the amazing range of benefits offered by this industry leading trucking company, and you will be hard pressed to find something even similar to the great advantages of working trucking jobs with Schneider. Do you have what it takes to join the Schneider team?

TMC Trucking

TMC Transportation Systems is one of the largest flatbed trucking companies in the North American trucking industry, with thousands of tractor-trailers running from coast to coast, and from Mexico to Canada and back as well. TMC Trucking prides itself on its ability to provide a rich asset portfolio that can meet the needs of any company requiring flatbed truckload services. TMC Trucking Company can haul any and every kind of flatbed freight available, including all building material classes, steel products, machinery and everything that comes in between.

The headquarters for the TMC transportation systems trucking company can be found in Des Moines, Iowa, meaning that there are plenty of trucking jobs in Iowa. The company operates an extensive network of trucking terminals, maintenance facilities, and offices dedicated to customer service. Every TMC transportation systems outlet is strategically placed all throughout the country. All of the TMC trucking company's locations provide expert services for flatbed transportation and supply chain management, which is why there are successful TMC outlets all throughout the 48 contiguous states and Canada, and a number of flatbed service points in Mexico as well.

TMC transportation systems began as the Mickow Corporation, a dormant trucking company that was purchased in 1972 by Harrold Annett. On March 6 of that year, a driver named Wally Harrah delivered TMC's first load from Chicago to Des Moines. Annett and his team of professionals built the TMC trucking company up from a six unit, two-employee team into one of the largest privately owned flatbed carriers in the entire nation.

TMC is quickly making a name for itself as a premier trucking company and flatbed carrier, developing a reputation for a number of qualities that the company possesses. TMC Transportation Systems shows integrity and innovation, works only with highly trained drivers, maintains excellent quality late-model equipment. TMC has a superior safety record that shows how serious the company is about their trucking jobs, and displays an unwavering dedication both to quality, and to providing outstanding customer service.

The values that the TMC trucking company focuses on allow it to be one of the most customer-centric companies in the trucking industry. TMC hires truck drivers from all over the United States to serve a variety of trucking jobs wherever TMC's locations are. TMC offers a number of truck driving jobs for coast-to-coast truck driving, as well as trucking from Mexico to Canada and back. Truck drivers who are looking to find some of the highest paid trucking jobs in their local area may benefit from checking out the TMC transportation systems trucking company. There are a number of local trucking jobs available in any area where TMC has a customer service office, maintenance facility or trucking terminal, which means that there are plenty of trucking jobs to choose from all over the country and back again. TMC is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, but is rapidly spreading to host trucking terminals in all 48 contiguous states and in Canada and Mexico as well.

US Express Trucking

The U.S. Xpress Enterprises trucking company is an industry leader in innovations, providing all of the right answers for supply chain trucking. U.S. Xpress Enterprises trucking company is not afraid to admit what they are working to improve: Their ultimate goal is to completely change the landscape in the transportation industry. U.S. Xpress Enterprises is one of the premier trucking and transportation solutions in all of North America today, topping charts and leading the industry in a number of ways. U.S. Xpress trucking strives to deliver innovations and options that are global in nature and scope in order to best meet the needs of customers.

The U.S. Xpress trucking company has built its reputation in the trucking industry by providing leading truckload carrier services coupled with a great deal of expertise in providing expedited, dedicated, long haul and regional services that are award-winning and time definite in nature. No matter where their clients are all over the map in North America, the U.S. Xpress trucking company promises to be perfectly positioned to deliver the ultimate in value to each and every customer. The portfolio of services offered by this outstanding trucking company is quite diverse, and meant to allow the company to build relationships with customers that are not only lasting, but that are also quite meaningful as well.

One of the U.S. Xpress trucking company's primary goals is to provide services that help customers achieve their own competitive advanced within the industries and circles that they work in. U.S. Xpress defines customer satisfaction as allowing their customers to be just as profitable as U.S. Xpress is by achieving a serious advantage over competitors in the industry. The average person does not know many trucking companies by name, but U.S. Xpress has established itself as a household name simply because the company cares so strongly for their customers.

U.S. Xpress believes strongly in applying the latest technology and innovations to the trucking industry and marketplace, giving the U.S. Xpress team all of the tools that are needed to establish high standards and to set the bar for the rest of the trucking companies in the industry. U.S. Xpress was one of the first companies to adopt satellite communications, and also built a sophisticated E-business platform that outperforms the remainder of the industry. U.S. Xpress features established schedules for pick up and delivery, twenty-four hours a day and every day of the week. The scope of services that U.S. Xpress trucking offers cover the entire North American Continent, through Canada, Mexico and the United States. The fleet of trucks and truck drivers at U.S. Xpress are flexible, and offer additional resources for logistics.

U.S. Xpress treats its drivers well, as it feels that the company's employees are what make the difference at U.S. Xpress trucking. U.S. Xpress offers a number of trucking jobs all over the country and beyond, to accommodate an ever-expanding fleet of newer-model trucks and hauling equipment. Drivers interested in taking jobs at U.S. Xpress are urged to visit their website for more information on trucking careers in their local area.

USA Trucking

The USA Trucking Company is a medium-haul trucking company that handles common and contract carrier services and specializes in general commodity hauling. The USA trucking company operates in all 48 of the contiguous United States, as well as several provinces in Canada. This trucking company offers a number of unique and innovative services, including no-touch freight, team opportunities, dedicated, regional and ORT. USA Trucking uses Qual Comm communication, and only works with late-model assigned trucks, trailers and other equipment.

The general office for the USA Trucking Company is located in Van Buren, Arkansas. Anyone looking for local trucking jobs in Arkansas should visit the general offices to enquire about trucking work. The USA trucking company also has maintenance facilities in a number of cities and states, including Van Buren, Arkansas, West Memphis, Arkansas, Shreveport, Louisiana, Butler Township, Ohio, Bethel Pennsylvania, Spartanburg, South Carolina, Laredo, Texas and Roanoke, Virginia.

The executive offices and headquarters for the USA trucking company are located on around 104 acres worth of land in Van Buren of Arkansas. There are 117,000 square feet of facilities meant for offices and for training. There is also 30,000 square feet worth of maintenance space here. The company also operates a 32-acre maintenance and driver facility in West Memphis in Arkansas with an eight-lane drive through fueling station and a sleeping quarters area that can house as many as 36 drivers at a time. The company owns a number of other maintenance facilities with similar housing and fueling capabilities in a number of cities throughout the United States.

The USA trucking company offers a variety of different services, coupled with top notch customer relations that set it apart from many of the competing trucking companies in the nation by offering everything that customers need to have their jobs completed on time and with the best level of quality available. Not only does the USA trucking company provide outstanding services however, but they also make for an excellent employer for anyone looking for local trucking jobs in any of the areas where USA trucking has maintenance facilities.

The USA trucking company has an entire website dedicated to people interested in exploring trucking jobs with their company. At USA Trucking, they take you seriously when you want to become a trucker. Not only will they pay you through the entire training process, but they will also help you to explore trucking schools so that you can get the best education out there. USA Trucking offers some of the highest paid trucking jobs in the entire United States, offering seriously competitive rates per mile depending on the haul, and your experience. USA trucking will even help their drivers attain CDL training through a tuition assistance program. With so many great benefits behind becoming a truck driver for the USA trucking company, there really is no reason not to check out what they have to offer. What do you have to lose?

Ward Trucking Company

The Ward trucking company has become a leader in the trucking industry when it comes to both quality and customer value in less-than-truckload freight carrying because the Ward trucking company focuses on a Quality System that sets the company apart from others in the industry. The Ward trucking company is determined to uphold their stellar reputation for providing the greatest amount of overall customer value out of all national LTL carriers, and a nationwide independent customer survey has named the Ward trucking company as #1 in this category for two years in a row now.

What sets the Ward trucking company apart from other LTL trucking carriers in the industry is the fact that they understand quality. To the Ward trucking company, quality means understanding the requirements of their customers, and then conforming to them to meet needs and satisfy expectations. The Ward trucking company has a Quality System that breaks quality into two different components, internal and external quality.

To the Ward trucking company, external quality is how customers experience Ward working for them. Internal quality on the other hand, is the Ward trucking company's focus on developing, measuring and improving internal processes in order to build quality into every service product that is provided in order to create the level of external quality that is expected.

This quality system is what sets the Ward trucking company apart from other trucking companies in the trucking industry, and is build on prevention, measurement, process improvement, and most of all: listening to the customers.

There are a number of important features to the Quality System that the Ward trucking company follows to ensure total customer satisfaction. The Ward trucking Quality system involves an integration of computerized dispatching, mapping, inbound and outbound planning, and delivery optimization and driver communication. This is the heart of the decision making process, because this system links all facets of the total solution together quickly and easily. The Ward trucking company Quality System also involves a stack up loading system, service center audits, customer advisory panels, customer surveying, a newly introduced customer integration process, and a Service Exception Excellence process that involves early communication of potential problems so that immediate action can be taken to resolve them.

The combination of the steps in this Quality System allow the Ward trucking company to be an industry leader by meeting and exceeding the expectations of every single customer and client on a constant basis. As a result, it has been said that the Ward trucking company provides some of the best trucking jobs in the industry. Truck drivers who have a passion for pleasing customers are urged to seek out local trucking jobs through the Ward trucking company. While Ward may not offer the highest paid trucking jobs in the trucking industry, the company is still well worth pursuing as a viable option for a trucking career path. The Ward trucking company is a quickly growing, innovative trucking company that will continue to turn heads as they please customer after customer, always delivering safe, on-time freight deliveries without ever skipping a beat.

Werner Trucking

Werner Enterprises, Inc. is a trucking company that was originally founded in 1956. The chairman of the company, Clarence L Werner, got himself started with only a single truck when he was nineteen years old. Since that point, Werner Trucking has developed a reputation as a premier transportation and logistics firm, offering truck driving job coverage throughout a number of countries including the United States, Mexico, Canada and China. Werner's global trucking headquarters continues to be maintained in Omaha Nebraska where it all began, but also has offices in a number of US States and in China as well. Werner Enterprises completed most of its initial trucking jobs in Nebraska, but has since fanned out to offer trucking capabilities worldwide.

Werner's outstanding reputation and their expansive portfolio of transportation services put it among the five largest truckload carriers in the entire United States. Werner Enterprises, Inc. offers medium and long haul, regional and local van capacity, flat bed trucking, temperature-controlled, expedited and dedicated transportation services. The Werner trucking company also offers freight management, intermodal, truck brokerage, lode/mode, freight forwarding and network optimization. On a international level, the trucking jobs that are offered include freight forwarding and United States Customs brokerage, including NVOCC.

Werner's official public offering was completed in June 1986, with a fleet of 632 trucks, 9,000 tractors, 25,000 trailers and over 14,000 independent contractors and employees. Today, the Werner Trucking Company is known for possessing a network of over 9,000 trucks, 5,000 alliance carriers, and providers for ocean, rail and air. Werner's main freight transporting commodities are retail store merchandise, manufactured products, consumer products and grocery products.

Werner strives to stand out in the trucking industry by delivering as much value as is possible to customers, shareholders and business partners alike. Werner delivers this outstanding service through a number of different means, including customer centricity, asset backing, and safety promotion and through meeting and exceeding all expectations.

The Werner trucking company is recognized as a global logistics partner, capable of providing a variety of customized solutions for supply chain management that are capable of managing cost, improving visibility, and pursuing continued improvement through a network of customers.

Werner Enterprises trucking company is most known for providing late-model equipment, which means that all of their trucks, trailers and carriers are in excellent shape. This trucking company is also known for employing only productive and professional drivers who prove reliability through high on-time service percentages, and low accident percentages. Of the 15 largest TL carriers in the United States, Werner Enterprises holds one of the best safety ratings. Werner Enterprises is also the only carrier with DOT approval and a paperless logging system.

Werner Enterprises is a top of the line specialized trucking company that holds leadership in technology, and constantly strives to provide innovative and improved services. Companies who are looking for the best in the trucking business will benefit from considering the Werner Enterprises trucking company for their next job.

Trucking jobs the Heartland Way

Heartland Express is a trucking company that is what many call the Gold Standard in trucking. Just like a gold medal win athlete; this trucking company racks up the awards. For example they have won Quest award for quality now for yes five straight years. Wow what an achievement by this prime trucking company. Now listen to this Forbes has named Heartland Express to its top 200 best companies. It ranked 147 last year for an example. This is quite an accomplishment for this trucking company. Did I say they made this list six years straight? Know on top of this they were awarded 11 awards by leading shippers as the top in industry standards. This trucking company is on the move.

Their mission is simple provide their products and service to their customers faster, cheaper and better than the competition. This is why if you want a prime trucking job from a company that cares look no farther, Heartland treats it employees like its customer. Everyone is treated like a partner. Live up to your responsibilities and the company will help make your trucking job dream come true.


"The people are the company, Heartland is simply the place." The people of Heartland Express drive everything we do.  Every achievement comes from the people doing the right things every day. This is directly from their site. This set the tone for their achievement

Hiring experienced, safe, reliable drivers and allowing them to be in an atmosphere that promotes self achievement through training and on the job experience allows this company to do more than just meet standards. They sit them.

So check out this company for a trucking job that you can be proud to be part of a  team committed to excellence. Whether it's a regional trucking job, a local trucking job, or a long haul trucking job this trucking company needs to be checked out. Heartland express service their customer today with the future in mind. Believe in yourself. Believe in this company and your truck driving dreams will be sure to follow.

Swift Trucking May Have a Trucking Job for You.

Swift Trucking is one of the largest trucking companies in America. Swift Trucking Company is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.  Amazingly, it all began with just one truck in 1966. Now this trucking industry leader has just over 17900 trucks and almost 3.3 billion in annual revenues. They believe much of their success stems from the fact they provide constant and very consistent service to their customers. Swift was even honored as the carrier of the year from the following distinguished companies: Wal-Mart, Ryder Logistics, Quaker Oats, FedEX, Target, Dollar Tree, Lowes, and Rite Aid. What an accomplishment from what this company started with just one local trucking job has now achieved the status of being one of North America’s prime trucking companys.

Swift Trucking Company has trucking jobs for a wide variety of levels. If you are new to trucking; Swift is a great place to begin. A trucking job offers you both freedom and a financially rewarding career path. They also can help get you in touch with a trucking school so you will be able to get started right away. Experienced truckers look no farther. Swift Trucking has more opportunities, more money to offer and more miles. You cannot go wrong with a trucking job from Swift Transportation. Yes owner operators also van find a home for the long haul. Yes if you’re looking for a trucking job; Swift is a great route.

Swift transports a variety of trucking freight. Their divisions include Convention Services, Container, Dedicated, Flatbed, Heavy Haul, Intermodal, Refrigerated and Dry Van. They have a great opportunity for trucking never to get old but always changing like the landscape of the open road.

So if you’re looking to find a prime trucking job; Swift Transportation may be the answer.  Your dream trucking career is just a few clicks away. Check out some of our sponsors for information on Swift and other trucking companies that may interest you. Soon you can be making trucking news of your own.

Roadway Trucking is on the move!

Trucking Companies of all kinds and mission exist. However Roadway Express is in a class by itself . Roadway Trucking was started in 1930. In 1931 there entire revenue was reported to be just $200.000. This trucking company sure has grown over the years. Today its vast customers regard Roadway as one of the most efficient, reliable, and responsive in the trucking industry. This has helped them gain the ISO 9001-2000 certification. They are the only North American Transportation Company whose entire distribution and management systems that meet all the strict requirement of this certification.

If your look for a trucking job this corporation has a lot to offer. Their website has most of the trucking jobs as well as local trucking jobs there for you to review. The also have other trucking opportunities in non-driving jobs such as mechanics and warehouse positions. They have logistics and dispatch positions available as well. Trucking Companys know that Roadway has employment packages that entice the cream of the crop in trucking to join their ranks.

Roadway Trucking is indeed an innovative market leader. They have establish themselves with credibility and as a prime trucking company. Please check on the link on this page and you can find information on trucking jobs. You may also learn more about the trucking business by reading the press releases at the top of the page. Trucking is on the move. Join a team like Roadway Trucking for your own "road way" to success.

Gardner Trucking, Inc.

Gardner Trucking Inc. is a family owned business that was established in the late 70's in Chino, CA and has become one of the most reliable and fastest growing California based trucking companies.  Gardner Trucking Inc. has as much pride in their customers as they do their trucking company.  Their various volume of up-to-date and well maintained trucks, including flatbed trucks, allow for this california based trucking company to provide professional and ontime pickups and deliveries even at the last minute.  They offer single or mutiple loads, whichever service you may need and have staff on call seven days a week to help monitor the loads.

For those who are interested in flatbed trucking jobs or other trucking jobs in California, B\become part of a winning trucking family!

For trucking news, you may click on the press releases at the top of this page.


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